Essential Oils for Dust Mites

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Essential Oils for Dust Mites

You have problem with dust mites and find difficulty to get rid of them. It is impossible to clean unless using high chemical compound. Another way is to implement essential oils for dust mites. Essential oils have strong odor that makes dust mites run away immediately.

Some Best Essential Oils for Dust Mites Termination

  1. Lavender. Dust mites are microscopic and difficult to see from direct eyesight. However, they are not bacteria or virus because part of insect that turn pillow, bed, and blanket into their environment. One of essential oils for dust mites is lavender. People use lavender oil for several reasons. Strong odor come from spray form then disperse into air. After that, linen absorbs the oil immediately that makes dust mites feel uncomfortable. It is difficult to terminate comprehensively, even washing regularly.
  2. Rosemary. Lavender is at top choice because popular and easy to find. Rosemary is also capable to repel dust mites. Rosemary has many properties such as antibacterial, antiseptic, antifungal, and disinfectant. From them, you know reason why this essential oil is good choice to get rid of dust mites. Using rosemary oil is simple and easy. Prepare spraying tool and water. Pour rosemary oil then mix until blend completely. Spray in area where you think dust mites are at high colony.
  3. Eucalyptus. One common thing in essential oils for dust mites is strong odor. Dust mites like to stay at environment with high humidity. In such place, you will smell uneasiness and bad odor. In order to get rid of dust mites, you need to change their environment quickly. Eucalyptus has more than odor treatment for dust mites. Disinfectant capability is useful to repel dust mist and keep them away for long period.
  4. Clove. Do you know clove? It is popular remedy for many health problems. People take clove internally as consumption. Clove oil is not only good for food, but also reliable remedy to repel dust mist. Clove oil has capability to keep dust mites on check, even reduce their numbers significantly. How to use clove oil? This oil is available at store with several level of purity. Mix this oil into warm water then put on spray device. Spread in to area where dust mites are at high peak. Wait for moment then let room to receive direct sunlight. After that, wash pillow and blanket to make sure dust mites are gone completely.
  5. Peppermint. Why is peppermint in essential oils for dust mites? People like peppermint for strong taste and delicate odor. However, peppermint is also natural disinfectant to repel dust mites. Application of this oil is simple and result is much satisfaction. Spread peppermint oil in the morning then for an hour. After that, spread again until three times.
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Essential oil is pure form of certain plant. Moreover, lavender oil is pure form of lavender without unnecessary compound. Keep in mind that these oils are just additional method to reduce dust mites. You need to keep room and bed as clean as possible. Therefore, essential oils for dust mites will handle the rest of job immediately for cleaning and as disinfectant.

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