Essential Oils for Vagina

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Essential Oils for Vagina

Essential oil has been beneficial ingredients used for female beauty, emotional well-being, and body health. This kind oil is plant material extract which is highly concentrated one. There are also essential oils for vagina that may be useful to apply. However, such ingredient is not to replace medical treatment intentionally but simply to be used as suggestion for cosmetic purpose using natural spray. It is still the better to contact your doctor when experiencing any discomfort in female vital organ.

Three Essential Oils for Vagina and Related Precautions

  • Lavender oil. The first essential oils for vagina are using lavender essential oil. Lavender derives from Latin, lavare that has the meaning “to wash”. This fragrant flower with pleasant smell is found to be helpful in relieving pain, enhancing blood circulation, removing nervous tension, treating respiratory problems, as well as disinfecting skin and scalp. It is also able to help treating some skin conditions due to its antifungal and antiseptic properties. Besides, lavender can help healing cuts and wounds as well. The book of Schiller and Schiller wrote that this ingredient has been used in lotions and soaps as perfume. The book also stated that lavender relaxes muscles, heals skin, lessens pain, and uplifts moods. The properties presented in lavender may be beneficial for vagina as feminine hygiene.
  • Rose oil. According to The Aromatherapy Encyclopedia, rose is native to Mediterranean area. Greeks, Roman, and Persians would take a bath in this fragrance. Rose oil can be one of essential oils for vagina to help keeping the vaginal area in women always clean. This kind of essential oil could be purifying and cooling as well as reducing stress. This ingredient is able to lessen inflammation and pain too. Rose helps regenerating your skin cells. It is beneficial especially to apply on red, inflamed, and dry skin. It is also said that rose help balancing hormone and reproductive system in women. This oil is included as very strong one.
  • Chamomile oil. The next essential oils for vagina in women are using chamomile. Roman or German chamomile plants are native to Asia and Europe. It has been used for treating muscle pains and aches, relieving menstrual problems, and calming the nerves. It is commonly used in perfumes, soaps, lotions, and creams. It helps in soothing inflammation, healing the skin, and uplifting moods. Thus, it may help feminine hygiene as well. This ingredient presents very good antibiotic and antiseptic properties. Beside, chamomile is not letting biotic infections develop that occurs due to some biotic factors like fungi, bacteria, and so on.
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Some precautions may be needed to know regarding the use of these essential oils. For your information, essential oil is plant material which is very highly concentrated. It is very important for you not to use or apply this oil to vaginal area directly. Instead, you have to use it lightly through mist spray which is water-based.

Pregnant or nursery women have to be very cautious when using any essential oil. This is also valid for babies, children, or people with health problem complication. Since the oil can cause some allergic reactions, you better do small test to your skin. The use of essential oils for vagina needs to be consulted first to your doctor before implementing it.