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Free Blood Pressure Check Walmart

Checking your blood pressure is definitely something important that should be done in regular basis. It is a necessary to prevent high blood pressure being unnoticed. Usually, you should see a healthcare or doctor to get the reading but now there is also the free blood pressure check Walmart. Yes, Walmart now provides free blood pressure reading in its interactive kiosk known as SoloHealth. It is available at more than 2.500 Walmart stores across the US. Apparently, it doesn’t only check the blood pressure but also eyesight, weight, and also track eating habits.

Customer Reviews on Free Blood Pressure Check Walmart

With this free blood pressure check Walmart service available at Walmart, there are certainly a lot of Walmart customers that have tried to use this particular service. So, how do they feel about it? Apparently some customers are satisfied while some others are not. There is a reason why some of them are not satisfied with this service. So, it is a great idea to find out why they feel that way. Let’s find out what the customers say.

Basically, when the blood pressure check is performed on people with normal or average weight, the result is accurate. Therefore, you can trust the result if you consider yourself being in this group. The normal blood pressure reading is usually around 120/80. But when your reading is beyond 140/90, it is a sign of high blood pressure that should be taken seriously. It requires you to get the medication before the high blood pressure causes serious illnesses like heart attack and stroke. The doctors recommend you to get change of lifestyle and give prescribed medicines to lower the blood pressure.

So, how accurate is the reading for people with overweight problem? Well, here is where the problem lies. Unfortunately, the free blood pressure check Walmart service cannot give accurate blood pressure reading for overweight people. According to customers’ review, they were shocked knowing how high their blood pressure was during the check. In fact, some of them said that the reading showed 210/100. This number definitely startled them that one of them rushed to the hospital and asked to get hospitalized immediately. But after the healthcare at the hospital checked the blood pressure again, it showed totally different reading which is very much lower.

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This particular case happens to a lot of overweight customers. They said that the reading at the Walmart was higher beyond the correct reading. Therefore, it is certainly an interesting thing to discuss. Certainly, there is something wrong with the blood pressure reading tool.

According to a quick research, the reason behind inaccurate reading is the size of the cuff. Heavier and bigger people should be checked using bigger cuff to get the accurate reading. But at the Walmart, the same cuff is used for all of the customers regardless of their weight and body size. As a result, the reading for overweight people mostly turns up to be inaccurate reading. Therefore, if you consider yourself overweight, you may want to think twice to use the free blood pressure check Walmart.