The Causes of Stomach Cramps but Can’t Poop

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Stomach Cramps but Can’t Poop

If you experience stomach cramps but can’t poop, it means you have a constipation. Well, it is definitely not an easy thing to talk about. In other words, it is quite an embarrassment to talk about it. But, it should not be so because it has to be addressed seriously otherwise it will become much worse. Apparently, it is a common issue that has affected more than 80% of people. In fact, some experience it in regular basis which means there is a constant issue in their stomach. Of course, there is always a cause to this issue. Yet, the cause is not absolute which means there are varying causes.

Main Causes of Constipation

  1. Dietary habit. When it comes to the most common causes of stomach cramps but can’t poop problem, you have to take a look at your dietary habit you have been having during the last few months. Bad dietary habit causes lack of bowel movement which leads to constipation. Usually, it lacks of fiber. Ideally, an adult women consume 25 grams of fiber every day to ensure good bowel movement and avoid constipation. However, some people cannot fulfill this ideal way of good dietary habit. Instead, they tend to eat a lot of junk foods, too much proteins and carbs. Over a period of time, it definitely causes constipation.
  2. Stress. Stress is also another reason of the stomach cramps but can’t poop problem. Yes, this has been proven in a research. Stress causes irregular bowel habits due to enteric nervous system. This is an essential player that determines the gastrointestinal system. Lack of sleep and stress has the direct influence to the enteric nervous system. As a result, your bowel movement is not optimal and you experience constipation problem.
  3. Exercise schedule. Apparently, the exercise wagon has also been another cause of constipation. It basically refers to an immediate stop of consistent exercise schedule. This extreme change hugely affects the way your body works. It also affects multiple systems including inside your gastrointestinal organ. To be precise, it makes the intestines processes food in a different or unusual way. Later, it causes constipation.
  4. Pregnancy. Being pregnant is also another reason for constipation. Usually, it happens in early pregnancy. More than 90% pregnant women experience this problem. It usually happens due to changes of diet and hormones. Stress that affects then enteric system is also another reason. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid foods that can trigger constipation including foods that are lack of fiber.
  5. Medicines. Being on pain meds often make a lot of people experience constipation. It usually involves typical medicines like narcotics or opioids which are the most common medicines causing constipation. These are the medicines used for long term and severe pain. Therefore, you may want to talk with your doctor regarding this side effect and ask for a way to address this particular problem.
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As you figure out the actual reason of your constipation, you should change your dietary habit and make sure to be hydrated all the time. Water is an important part of bowel movements. Therefore, you want to make sure that you have enough water to allow optimal bowel movement and prevent the stomach cramps but can’t poop problem.