How to Get Rid Of Bruises on Your Face

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How to Get Rid Of Bruises on Your Face

Bruised is the bad condition that causes the pain. If you get this problem on your face, you should find the best treatment to rid it. There are many ingredients or the herb medicine that will give you the effective treatment. You may feel unconfident when you get the bruises so you should find the quick treatment. The natural ingredient that you can find in your home can be the best remedies for the bruised on the face. If you get the problem such as the bruises on your face, you should know about the tips of how to get rid of bruises on your face.

You also can find the simple thing such as Arnica Gel that will help you to cure the bruises on your face. Every athlete usually uses this gel. It can be the best herb gel that will cure the bruises. Not only can be used for the feet or hand but it is also can be used for your face. It is the popular thing as the bruised treatment.

The application of this gel is very easy, you should apply it on the fresh bruises and it will give the amazing reaction. You can do this treatment three times a day. You should know about the material that is used for the gel. The Arnica is the poisonous herb, so you should avoid this gel to be swallowed. Never try to take it on your mouth because it can damage your health. It is only used for the external body part.

Using Essential oil Massage

If you want to get thee easy treatment for bruises on your face, you can choose the essential oil massage. It can be forum on the store. You can take small amount of the oil and rub it on your face. The essential oil massage usually has the hot sensation after the application. You should be careful about it. It will help to improve the blood circulation on the area of the bruises. The oil also can strengthen the wall of capillary and it will reduce the pain. This oil will be very useful for you. So if you have many activities that make your muscle feel uncomfortable or even bruises, you can take it immediately.

Using Parsley leaves

There is the amazing benefit that you can take form the parsley leaves. Parsley that usually becomes the dishes can be the effective treatment to cure the bruises on your face. The parsley leave contains with high Vitamin K and C that will help to reduce inflammation on the skin. The other function of this leave is to reduce the pain and strengthen capillaries. It can be the best treatment for bruises on your face that will make your face be better and stop the paint.

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The way for the application is not difficult. You only need to take some of the leaves based on the wide of the area. You can cruise the leaves that than you can apply it on the bruises. It can reduce the pain after the skin absorbs it. It can heal the bruises not instantly but you should be option and consistent in doing the treatment. You need to use this ingredient for 2 weeks and you can see the bruises have gone from your face.

The Watercress for the bruises healer

The other herb that can be used is the watercress. It has the similar function like the parsley leaves. It is usually become the addition of the dishes that gives the vibrant taste. You can take the benefit of this leaves to reduce the pain and cure the bruises in your face. The simple ingredient like this watercress will help you to find the effective healer. This herb usually becomes the blood cleanser and also anti-inflammation. It will give the nutrition for your body when you consume it and you can get the benefit for your skin when you rub it on the bruised area. The application of this leaves is similar with the parsley. You can take some of the leaves and then crush it. After that you can spread the watercress on the bruises area of your face. It is the simple way of how to get rid of bruises on your face that you can try.