How to Get Rid Of Edema in Feet

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How to Get Rid Of Edema in Feet

If you like to find the simple ways about how to get rid of edema in feet, you should know about the tips. Here are the tips that can be the good information for you who get the problem with the edema in your feet. The edema usually makes the swelling condition in your legs, feet, face and hand. The way to stop the edema, you should know about the best diet. It will be very helpful for you to get the good activities and good diet to improve your health and rid the edema.

Reduce the food with high Sodium Foods

If you want to get the better condition and rid the edema, you should consider about the food that is consumed. If you like to eat the food with the high sodium, you should switch it with the food that has the low sodium. The sodium is on the slat, so you need to reduce the consumption for the foot with salt. It will help you to reduce the build of the fluid. There are many foods that you can choose to reduce sodium on your body such as vegetable, fruits, and many others. You also need to reduce the salt usage in the process of cooking. You may feel bad with the taste of the food without the salt but you can find the other food alternative that low salt. You should take the salt less that 1500mg in a day.

Naturally Diuretic Foods

The other thing that can help you to reduce of edema in feet is the diuretic food. There are many natural diuretic foods that can be found easily. You can choose this kind of the food because it will help you to remove the fluid from your body through the urine. The foods that are included as the natural diuretic foods are asparagus, cranberry, beets, grapes, leafy greens, green beans, pineapple, watermelon, pumpkin and onions. The spicy natural ingredient also can be the diuretic foods.

Food with B-Complex Vitamins

The next tips that you should know to get rid the edema is by consuming the food that contains with the B complex vitamins. It can help you to remove the fluid from your body. It should be included in the treatment of the edema because it can be the effective treatment and support the other ingredients. The food that contains with vitamins B complex is the green vegetable and also the whole grains. Start from now, you need to consume those foods.

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Consuming food with Proteins

The god food that proper for your body will make you get the balance. If you have the problem with edema, you should make it balance by consuming the food with high protein. The protein will make your body get the energy and it can be the effective treatment for edema on your feet. When you want to make sure about the balance consumption of protein, you should make sure that it is not too much. Too much protein is not good because it can damage your health if you have kidney disease. If you have the other disease than edema, it will be better if you make consultation with your doctor about the edema treatment with protein.

Choose the High Antioxidants Foods

The food with high antioxidant will give you better condition. It can be the other treatment that will heal you to heal edema. There are many kinds of the food that contains with high antioxidant such as the blueberries, bell peppers, cherries, tomatoes, and squash. You can take the foods every day to help you fight the free radical, toxins and harmful molecules in your body. It is very good for your body health and also for your skin.

Increasing the water intake

The next tips about how to get rid of edema in feet is the water intake. You should increase water consumption for your healthy body. When you increase the water intake, it can help you keep the fluids in the correct level. You can consume pure water 8 until10 glasses in a day. If you have the problem with your kidney, it will be better for you to ask the advice from the doctor.

Image attribution to James Heilman, MD