How to Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles Naturally

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How to Get Rid Of Carpet Beetles Naturally

Carpet is one of the must-be-found furniture inside the house. Even if some modern people do not like to have the carpet inside their house, its use can give the touch of classic style. Its combination with modern model can be the artistic style to be used for today. However, there is sometimes the problem appears. That for example relates to the availability of the beetles in the carpet that can be caused by something. It becomes important for you who use the carpet and facing the problem to know about how to get rid of carpet beetles naturally and fast.

The Variations of Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are commonly known too as the dermestids. Its effect is damaging the carpet condition and in some case that can make you spend more money not only for treatment but also for replacing the carpet with a new one. It is not pleasant to have the damage furniture inside the house. The artistic appearance of the furniture also cannot be gained since the effect caused by these pests can be really disturbing its appearance.

There are three common variations of carpet beetles. In some specific places there can be other variations too found. The beetles have the wide world and one kind of the beetle found in a place is possible to be found in different appearance in other places. The first variation is the varied carpet beetle. The second type is the furniture carpet beetle. The last type found is the black carpet beetle. Sometimes the climate condition in an area also can influence the appearance of specific variation.

How to Remove the Carpet Beetles

There are some steps to remove the carpet beetles naturally. The first step is analyzing the condition of the carpet. The level of the problem faced must be diagnosed before you make a decision about the step passed in the next. Some signs of the pests’ appearance can be noticed from your carpet. From that, you also can try to diagnose about the kind of the beetles found there. There are two types of the pests could be found. The first one in the form of living beetle and the second is in larvae form.

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The next step is analyzing the source of the beetles. The beetles commonly have one source before it spreads into the whole area of the carpet. The humid location near the carpet, the dark spot, and the air ducts are several common sources for this. By finding the source, the act of removing them can be easier to be done. That can be started by removing the infested part of your carpet.

You can use your vacuum cleaner as the next step for removing some kinds of beetles. However, that cannot remove it completely in some cases. So, you can need the hot water for killing the beetles remain. In the higher level of the pest’s appearance, you also can use insecticide but it must be done in a safe way to avoid the possible side effect caused by it. At last, you also can propose some acts for preventing the new attack of the beetles by creating a trap.

The Tips for Maintenance

After reading the explanation about how to get rid of carpet beetles naturally, there are also some tips can be used for making sure that your carpet is really safe from the attack of the pests. The first tip to be practiced is making sure that your carpet is located safely from the humid climate. High level of humidity brings into the higher risk of the beetles appearance. Second, try to clean the carpet in a tight schedule. Leaving your carpet without cleaning plan can damage it in short time.