Is a Sore Throat Common in Early Pregnancy?

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Is a Sore Throat Common in Early Pregnancy?

One among other thing that you might not want to have during pregnancy is sore throat. Most people who have sore throat are often wondering a frequently asked question, “Is a sore throat common in early pregnancy?”. Sore throat is actually one of the symptoms of early pregnancy. Without having to be in pregnancy period, sore throat is an irritating health issue. Things are getting worse if you are pregnant. You will not be able to consume regular over the counter medicine to get rid of your sore throat. Instead of consuming over the counter medicine that potentially brings harm to your pregnancy, you can consume alternative remedies instead.

Alternative Remedies for Sore Throat that You Can Consume During Pregnancy

  1. Lemon juice. After wondering about is a sore throat common in early pregnancy, you might want to find out the solution for it as soon as possible. The first remedy that you need is lemon juice. Lemon juice contains high acidic substances that make it able to get rid of bacteria and viruses causing sore throat. There are two methods of consuming lemon juice in this treatment. The first method is involving ice cubes. The ice cubes will help to give cooling effect to your throat. Moreover, it will reduce the mucus production as well. Consume it regularly to get better result. Aside from consuming lemon juice in cold condition, you can also serve it in warm condition. In this case, you need to dilute the lemon juice in warm water. After you consume it, you can follow it by gargling salt water. Keep in mind not to drink the salt water. It might not good for your pregnancy.
  2. Honey. Since the answer for is a sore throat common in early pregnancy is yes, you need to take care of your diet. Consuming particular food might put your pregnancy in harm. You also need to take care of the remedy used for healing sore throat. In this case, you might want to have honey, it will be best if honey is combined with lemon juice. The combination of them is highly recommended for sore throat condition followed by inflammation. Before consuming the honey and lemon juice, you need to gargle it first. It will make sure that the benefits of those ingredients stay in your throat before you consume them.
  3. Apple Cider Vinegar. Is a sore throat common in early pregnancy? Most people who do not bother asked this question are often thinking that they can heal the sore throat with any medication recklessly. Less that they know, those medications might harm their pregnancy. In order to prevent your pregnancy in harm, it is advisable to use apple cider vinegar. It will not interfere with your pregnancy. As you probably already know, this vinegar is able to disinfect your throat. It is also recommended to get rid of painful sore throat. Dilute apple cider vinegar in tepid water before you decided to gargle it.
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As conclusion, is a sore throat common in early pregnancy becomes one of the common question asked by pregnant mother. Even though considered as early sign of pregnancy, you can easily get rid of it. Those remedies will help you to do it.