How to Get Rid Of Mildew Smell in Basement

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How to Get Rid Of Mildew Smell in Basement

One common room found in some typical houses is a basement room. Basement is often used as a warehouse but sometimes it is used too as the pantry. The use of the basement can be appropriated with the need and also the structure of the house construction. There are some problems commonly appear in the basement. If you have the basement in your house, you must prepare to know about how to get rid of mildew smell in basement.

The mildew smell is one common problem appears in the basement. That is actually the natural one especially when that is connected into the usual condition of a basement located in the lowest construction of the house. The basement is located underground and that is the condition can stir into the appearance of the problem. To know about how to remove the smell means to make sure that your basement can be a pleasant room too to be used healthily.

The Main Causes of Mildew Smell

Before you understand about how to remove mildew smell in basement, it is better to know first about some of its causes. The climate is actually the main cause for the condition. The air movement that does not flow in the right way can bring into that. In long time, the mildew smell can appear especially from certain spots in your basement. The inappropriate air movement into your basement is the first thing must be checked when you find the changing air smell inside your basement.

The climate condition is possibly relates into the structure of the basement interior. The wrong position of putting your liquid water for example also can be the cause for it. Besides, the construction of the basement in too narrow dimension without enough space for giving the air movement there also can increase the risk of having the bad odors there. The too long distance between the first floor and your basement sometimes also causes the same effect relating to the mildew smell.

The Effect of Mildew Smell

At first, the effect can be caused by mildew smell is the bad odor in your basement. In extreme case especially for people with high sensitivity into such odor, the willing to vomit also can appear there. That means your basement is not the appropriate place anymore to be used. Then, the mildew smell also indicates the unhealthy condition of your basement. These mildew smell bad effects must be assumed as the serious problems before it is increased into the extreme level and causing some worse effects.

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The Natural Way for Removing Mildew Smell

Since the climate becomes the main cause of this condition, changing the climate system inside your basement becomes the first option can be practiced. It also becomes the best solution from where you can start your way. The mildew smell solution can be implemented in the form of placing air condition there. The air condition can help to make the fresh air there and at the same time it also can give the stable temperature of your basement for long time. This solution can be tried when you have the modern construction of your basement.

The other way to be taken too for getting the fresher air smell inside your basement can be done by composing the structure or minimally changing the position of the furniture inside. Making sure that there is enough space in the middle and in the corner of the basement can help to avoid the appearance of moisture. One way to be tried too is instead of using the air conditioner there, you also may practice how to get rid of mildew smell in basement by using the heater there.