How to Get Rid Of Sore Throat Fast Without Medicine

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How to Get Rid Of Sore Throat Fast Without Medicine

If you get the problem with your throat that makes you feel uncomfortable, you may get the sore throat. It is the problem that happens and can disturb your activities. The symptoms of this disease are the extreme irritation and itching in your throat. You should know about the best treatment that will help you to get rid this condition. There are some ways that will help you to remove the sore throat you can practice the tips of how to get rid of sore throat fast without medicine. The simple tips by using the natural ingredient will give you the best treatment.

Gargling as the effective way

The most popular way to remove the sore throat is gargling. It can be the effective ways because the treatment will be on the throat directly. The ingredient that can be used for this treatment is the salt water, cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, and mustard seed. You can choose the best choice that easy to be found in your home. The easiest ingredient that you can use is the salt water. It is very simple way; you only need to take a glass of the warm water and then you put one teaspoon of the salt. Steer it until make the perfect mixture. After that you can do the gargling in your throat.

For the others ingredients such as the cider vinegar, cayenne pepper, and the mustard seed, you can make the similar mixture by using warm water. You should consider about the dose of the ingredients. Make sure that you put enough ingredients on the warm water for the effective result. It is very simple tips but you can feel better feeling on your throat when you get the sore throat problem. There are still many others ingredient and ways that you need to know for get rid throat fast without medicine.

Using Lemon and Honey

Lemon and honey are the natural ingredients that have many benefits for your health. It is also can be the effective ingredient to get rid the sore throat. You can make the simple mixture from both ingredients. The first thing, you should take a teaspoon of the lemon juice, and put it on a cup of the warm water. After that, you can add one teaspoon of honey. For more effective mixture, you need to give some of cinnamon powder. Steer the ingredient and you should drink it before your bedtime. This mixture will help you to get the vitamin C and it will prevent the growth of the mucus. You can see the result in the morning.

Take the benefit of Turmeric Honey and Ginger

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People know that ginger is the good thing for health. You can take the benefit of the ginger and you can rid the sore throat with this natural ingredient. The good combination that will support the function of ginger is the turmeric honey. It will make the taste feel tasty and help to make your throat be better. To make the mixture, you only need to take a tablespoon honey; small of turmeric powder and the last are some of grated gingers. You can add warm water and steer it. Drink the mixture when you feel the throat so bad.

Red Clover Honey and green tea

Red clover honey can be the best natural remedy for your sore throat problem. It can be used with the very simple way. You should take a tablespoon of the honey and drink it directly. You need to drink the honey three times a day. The other thing that will help you to cure the sore throat without medicine is the green tea. The high antioxidant of the green tea will give the effective treatment for the throat. You can drink green tea when you get the problem with the sore throat. The other ways that will give you the tasty drink for the sore throat is the combination between the red clover honey and the green tea. Make the mixture and drink it.

Take the Soup

The soup can be the other option or you who need to cure the sore throat quickly. The hot soup with many vegetables with the high nutrition will help you to strengthen the immune system. You can take the soup with the good ingredient but do not take the soup that too hot. It can damage your throat and do not become the solution. Take the warm soup but little bit more than warm. It will give the nice sensation on your throat when you drink it. Make sure that the soup does not torture your throat. It is the tips about how to get rid of sore throat fast without medicine that will give you more knowledge with the natural ingredient.

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