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Home Remedy For Gas Catch

Home Remedy For Gas Catch – Symptoms of gas catch are one type of the disease that often affects many people. Gas catch may occur due to the influence of bad weather, the condition of the body that decrease or it could be because the virus spreads. Many people underestimate the gas catch and think of it as a mild symptoms of the disease. But in fact the gas catch does not immediately treated, making the disease failed to recover so as to interfere with daily activities.

Not just a gas catch, but the turn of weather can also cause symptoms of other bad for health as well as flatulence. For those of you who are less like taking drugs, then you can use natural remedy means in preventing at the same time cope with the arrival of the incoming wind and flatulence. You can use your kitchen condiments such as ginger, lemon and honey to overcome your gas catch symptoms. As for those gas catch symptoms are:

  • The stomach feels bloated, if this happened can already ascertain that gas had assembled inside your body. Often stress, drinking coffee, and late breakfast allegedly being the main cause of flatulence.
  • The body feels very tired and sleepy, this has often been the impact a continuation of the diarrhea that is upon your body. Because diarrhea makes the body lose fluids and energy and make your body becomes tired. However, if you feel sleepy as the supply of oxygen and blood to the brain is reduced.
  • The body feels cold erratic, hiccups, and chills this is due to the blood flow in the body that do not smoothly and lactic acid accumulated in the muscles that cause soreness. And simply put on the disease was also coupled with a fever and colds.
  • Nausea and heartburn make you have no appetite, if gas were assembled in the intestines and the stomach and continue to depress, you will experience this and most people if this symptom occurs, will also result in diarrhea.

Home Remedy For Gas Catch

  • Ginger. Still surrounding the traditional cold remedies. As we know, the traditional spices, including ginger can help warm the body, overcome the bloating, and blood circulation. This is the reason why many countries that have cold air eat ginger.

    How to cope gas catch with ginger is quite easily. Grated ginger to taste first, then boil to a boil and strain. In order to ginger boiled water is not too spicy, you can add lemon juice and sugar cubes. If you want more delicious, consume the ginger along with other banana stew or other your favorite snacks.

  • Use onion and garlic. This is the traditional cold remedies for children, in addition to eucalyptus oil. You can soften the shallots, then apply it evenly to the abdomen, chest, neck and the little one. Red Onion is able to excrete excessive gas in the body, blood circulation, and warm the body.

    As for you, teen or adult, use garlic. Unlike the red onion, garlic contains high alicin compounds that act like antibiotics and natural antioxidants. Here’s how you can eat it raw or integrate it in cooking.

  • Eucalyptus oil. Eucalyptus oil has a pretty cool therapist scent, perfectly suited to relieve nasal congestion. In addition, it turns out that warm sensation he gave can also tackle a bloated stomach due to the cold.

    You can treat a gas catch with eucalyptus oil rubbing evenly into the abdomen, neck, back of the neck, feet, and other parts. Do not forget to give a massage gently for 5 minutes to allow the oil seep.

  • Hot chicken soup. Besides being tasty, the chicken soup turned out to be too potent for treating gas catch due to the cold. Normally when gas catch attacks the tongue will taste bitter when consuming foods like rice and bread. Now when the appetite is decreased here’s you can eat chicken soup are savory and delicious.
  • Water decoction of papaya leaves. Actually, this papaya stew is very powerful to treat a gas catch. However, this natural remedy many avoided because it tastes quite bitter. If you don’t put up with bitterness, you can eat the leaves of papaya in the form of stir fry.

    A high content of antioxidants and antibiotics in papaya leaves will be very effective for keeping the body’s immune system, so that, it is not susceptible to the disease.

  • Honey and lemon tea. Don’t like the bitter? You could try honey and lemon tea which has a quite delicious on the tongue. Honey has full nutritional can boost the immune system and the body’s cell regeneration.

    While the lemon is famous for its vitamin C can help increase the stamina of the body, blood circulation, brightens facial skin, and more. Put lemon juice, and honey into hot tea, and then consume it before you go to bed and feel the difference when waking up later.

  • Avoid cold drinks, multiply water white. The consumption of cold drinks will only aggravate the condition of gas catch, though actually a cold drink that nourish. Therefore, it’s good to avoid cold drinks when cold.

    Instead, you can reproduce the ginger boiled water consumption, hot tea, or warm water as much as possible. When the body gets enough fluids, then the immune system will also be improved.

  • Vitamin C. When entering the wind attack, the body feels very bad taste, nausea, and even limp. When the condition of the body, thus, consumption of vitamin C is very important to increase the stamina of the body. You can buy supplements of vitamin C in the nearest pharmacies.

    As for you who do not want to spend a lot of cost, please consume natural food which has sources of vitamin c such as guava, kiwi fruit, Orange, lemon, etc. The more consuming fruits, then will be better for the health condition of our body.

  • Reduce the physical activity and expand a break. Overtime work, lack of rest, stayed up late, and other excess activity can trigger experiences gas catch. It’s worth starting now you multiply rest or sleep.

    Don’t forget to use the warm clothes such as jackets, sweaters, head coverings, and more when sleeping. Ideally, at least we should be sufficient time to sleep for 8 hours, less of it is not good, so is exceeded.

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