How to Get Rid of Bruises

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How to Get Rid of Bruises

Bruises maybe become the condition which can be found by many people easily. There are some reasons which make people have to have bruises. It can be found when the body is impacting the strong item or robust object. The delicate tissues which can be found under the skin are smashed without any cracking or breaking of the skin. Blood will break out from the burst vessels under the skin because of the harmed delicate tissues. The blood will pool and there will be swell and red or purplish structure which is created. It can be delicate to touch after all. No matter what the reason of the bruises, people surely will have a big question about how to get rid of bruises. It does not mean that they have to go to the doctor when they want to get rid of the bruises because there are some methods which can be used for getting rid of the bruises quickly with simple home remedies.

Ice Massage

The very first and simplest method which people can take when they want to get rid of bruises surely cannot be separated from using the ice massage. Massaging ice on the damaged area will be useful for increasing the flow of the blood to the skin. Pain can be reduced with the ice because of the cold temperature it has. For using the ice massage, people only need to crush the ice cubes and put it in the plastic bag. This can be the best method although people are also able to use the ice block, cold pack, as well as frozen peas’ bag. Cold water can also be used for the process. The ice should be applied on the affected area for about 10-15 minutes. However, people have to make sure that they apply the ice massage very carefully. It is important for making sure that they do not apply the ice directly to the affected skin because it can cause ice burns. It can cause damage to the skin. That is why it is better for people to wrap the crushed ice cubes in the damp towel which can protect the skin from ice burns.


Arnica should be considered when people are looking for the home remedies for bruises. This should be the great answer for the question about how to get rid of bruises because people will be able to find a pack of arnica gel in the player survival unit. There are some reasons which make arnica as great support for getting rid of bruises. It is useful for treating the wounds but there are also some other function which can be found from arnica. It is useful for torment reliever for sprain, joint inflammation, and hurts. It is also rich on properties which can decrease swelling and anti provocative property. People will be able to find various kinds of arnica products including cream, pellets, topical gels, as well as back rub oil. People can get the better result by applying the arnica cream or gel three or four times a day. People have to remember that arnica can only be used for external application because it is poisonous herb so people must not swallow it for relieving the pain.

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Gravity for Reducing Blood Flow

People can also use gravity for helping the stopping the flow of the blood to their skin. It can be very simple because people will not need anything. The method is very simple because people only need to make sure that their body is cast into the air. It will not only help them reduce the blood flow but it will also be useful for reducing the pain. The pain will be reduced gradually when the blood flow is reduced after all.

Essential Oils

If people have bruises or hickeys, they will be able that massaging the affected area with the essential oils mixture can show great result. There are some benefits which can be found from the essential oils massage after all. The massage can be useful for separating the coagulation of blood by enhancing the flow of the blood. The dynamic synthetic segment which can be found in the essential oils can be infiltrated so people can get the calming and mending property benefit. People will be able to find various kinds of essential oil which have different function from dividing the capillary to decreasing swelling. There are some essential oils which can be used and combines including lavender, geranium, lemongrass, cypress, rosemary, fennel, myrrh, and many more.


Sometimes people can suffer from the pain which is unbearable and there is no question that they need to take the medication which can help them to reduce the pain. However, it is necessary for making sure that the medication is taken with the doctor’s prescription for avoiding the unwanted side effect. Ibuprofen becomes the medication which people can take for reducing the pain. It is important for making sure that people read the label of dose very carefully for avoiding the health risk. It is also important for making sure that they learn about the precautions whether they have to avoid taking the medication for relieving pain. Although ibuprofen can be the answer of how to get rid of bruises, people really have to make appointment with their doctor first before they take any of this medication.

Proper Rest

If people really want to get the quick remedies for their bruises, there is nothing more important than taking enough rest. People must forget about any kind of stress because they need to sleep for about 6-8 hours. It is necessary for taking sufficient sleep because it will be useful for avoiding the stress. The bruises will not be cured quickly no matter what kind of medication which people take if they do not have enough sleep. For making sure that people are able to take sufficient sleep, they have to avoid the difficult workout or activities. People can also use other home remedies including parsley leaves as well as watercress.