How to Get Rid of Cavities

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How to Get Rid of Cavities on Your Own

How to ge rid of cavities – Health is very important investment which people can find and there is no question that people have to pay attention to every detail associated with health including the oral health. There are some problems which are pretty common associated with the oral health after all. Cavities become one of the most common problems which can be found with oral health. Anyone can suffer from cavities. People maybe think that the best answer of the question about how to get rid of cavity is visiting the dentist. However, it is sure that there are some people who are looking for home remedies which can be used for helping them get rid of cavities. The cavities should be treated properly or else it can lead to the infection, severe toothaches, as well as tooth loss. Of course it will be so much better if people can prevent the cavities by taking a good care of their teeth. However, if people already have problem with cavities, there are some home remedies which can be taken to get rid of cavity without dentist.


The very first home remedy which people should take when they want to get rid of cavities is the clove. This becomes very crucial ingredient which will be used for treating any dental issue including cavities. Clove comes with analgesic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, people will find great help from the clove for helping them alleviating the pain caused by cavity for instance. It will also be useful for preventing the spread of cavity. About 2-3 drops of clove oil should be diluted with ¼ teaspoon of sesame seed oil. This solution should be put on the cotton ball and it should be dabbed on the tooth which is affected. This process should be repeated every night before the bed time. There is also another option which can be taken for using the clove. A whole clove should be chewed for extracting its oil. The clove should be kept under the tongue for several minutes. However, it is better for people to avoid the clove oil use in excess. It should be used too frequently as well because the clove can only be efficient support for temporary relief.


People maybe do not have any imagination that they are able to use the salt for treating their cavity. In fact, salt has the antibacterial and antiseptic properties which can be useful for treating the cavities. That is why salt can be the great answer of how to get rid of cavities question. Using salt can be useful for reducing inflammation, easing pain, drawing out infection, and preventing the bacteria growth in the mouth. Using the salt for treating cavities can be very simple because people only need to dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. The solution should be swished around the mouth for about a minute and it should be concentrated on the tooth which is affected. This treatment should be done three times a day until the symptoms are reduced. Besides this method, people can also mix a half teaspoon of salt and a little of lemon juice of mustard oil to create the paste. The gums should be massaged gently using the paste for a few minutes. People should gargle using the warm water and this process should be repeated twice a day for killing the bacteria.

Oil Pulling

People are able to use the old practice to get rid of cavities fast by using oil pulling method. It is not only useful for reducing cavities because it is also useful for treating the bad breath as well as bleeding gums. Harmful bacteria can be cleaned from the mouth with this method. People only need to put a tablespoon of sesame oil in the mouth and swish it gently around for 20 minutes. The oil should be spitted out and it is better not to swallow or gargling the oil. The mouth should be rinsed out using the warm water. Antimicrobial benefit can be added by using the salt water. People can brush their teeth then. This method should be practiced in daily basis in the morning before they take any meal. Besides the sesame seed oil, people can also use other oils including coconut oil or sunflower oil.

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People can find that garlic is used pretty often for helping people with cavities or tooth decay because garlic comes with antibiotic and antibacterial properties. The pain can be reduced with garlic. People can get healthier teeth and gums with the garlic after all. They just need to prepare the garlic paste which is made from 3-4 crushed garlic cloves. It should be mixed with ¼ teaspoon of rock salt. The paste should be applied on the affected tooth and it should be left for about 10 minutes before people can rinse out the mouth using the mouthwash. [/emaillocker]This method should be done twice a day for a few weeks and they will find that their cavities are reduced. People can also use garlic oil by rubbing it on the affected tooth and they can get the quick pain relief for the cavity. Effective result can also be found if people eat the raw garlic in regular basis.


People will be able to make the licorice as the answer of question about how to get rid of cavities because there are studies which show people that licorice root can be useful for keeping the teeth healthy. Two effective antibacterial compounds which can be found in the dried licorice roots which are useful for preventing the growth of bacteria which cause cavities. It is also great that the licorice roots can also be useful for reducing the plaque for better and healthier tooth of course. Dried licorice powder can be used for brushing their teeth and it should be done regularly. Besides using the dried licorice powder, people are also able to use the soft licorice stick as toothbrush. Of course, the licorice stick should be used for brushing the teeth in daily basis for getting the efficient result.

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