How to Get Rid Of Fever Blisters

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How to Get Rid Of Fever Blisters

Cold sore is another name of fever blisters, a condition where the area of mouth especially lips, nostrils and cheeks has blisters causing sore and it also very discomforting. This sore is not only painful but also very embarrassing because affect one’s appearance. Many people with cold sore tend to stay at home and don’t want to interact with others until the blisters go. Since the impact of this sore also affects the self-esteem, the sufferers will be very happy if they know how to get rid of fever blisters quickly so they can be back to the activities without shame and embarrassment.

The appearance of fever blisters is caused by a virus. It is known as HSV type 1 or herpes simplex virus. It infects the sufferers fast because the characteristic of the virus which is very contagious. The infection can be spread through direct contact including touching and kissing. After the infection, the blisters will start to appear three to five days after the direct contact and the blisters will be filled with fluid. Cold sores are recurring. It means, once it is treated, it is possible to reoccur. Blisters will go away, however, it takes time and during the waiting period, embarrassment and unconfident feeling will haunt the sufferers.

Due to its characteristic, people with experience of cold sores try to find out how to get rid of fever blisters. However, it is not enough if they don’t know what the triggers. Prevention is better than cure and there are factors as the triggers of the fever blisters. There are many ways that have been done by people with cold sores to get rid of this annoying disease. Some use chemical ingredients others choose home remedies and natural ingredients. To know whether it works or not is depending on the individual. It is because the immune system and health condition of each person are different and, however, it affects the virus to stay or easy to get ridded of.


Factors Triggering Fever Blisters

Although the infection is transmitted via touching and other ways of direct contact, in some people with good system of immunity, they will not be easily infected. Human being usually experience some particular condition related physical and psychological that also affect the immune system to be weaker. It is good circumstances where people who have direct contact with virus will experience the cold sore. Therefore, it is important to evaluate and maintain good condition of physic and psychological besides how to get rid of fever blisters. Avoid any factors that can lead to cold sore will be helpful after all.

Here is an elaboration about factors that has risk of infected by HSV 1 and causing cold sore. Those hopefully can help figuring out about how to get rid of fever blisters. First relates to psychological condition in which stress will be good trigger. Although stress is common condition experienced by many people, there are many researches prove that it makes the system of immunity become weaker and it leads to other illnesses. Dealing with stress can be confusing; however, it is good to avoid stress after all. Having good psychological condition can give positive impact to overall health because when someone is stress, it will affect the physiological condition as well such as food consumption and lack of nutrition causing the downgrade in immune system.

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Second is food consumption. Basically, disease will strike human body when the system of immunity cannot perform its ability to prevent or fight the disease factor such as virus or bacteria. Bad habit of eating such as junk food, greasy food and other unhealthy eating habit give significant impact to the immune system so it cannot function optimally. Some substances that can trigger fever blisters also must be aware. For instance, foods with arginine should be avoided because it triggers the growth of virus and causing fever blister flare-up. High consumption of arginine-contained food will trigger HSV 1 attack to recur.

Bad habit and lifestyle can effect on how to get rid of fever blisters. It relates to self-awareness toward hygiene and healthy lifestyle. Sometimes, people do not aware about the surrounding and do not concern well about cleanness. Sharing personal stuffs such as towels, brush, and food utensils is one of not recommended habit except they are cleaned before being used by other parties. Direct contact with other skin also risky and trigger the HSV spread. People should be careful when they touch other or do skinship with others. Hand-washing habit is good to do however not all people are aware about the importance of washing their hands.

How to Get Rid Of Fever Blisters with Natural Remedies

There are some steps on how to get rid of fever blisters that can be done. Immune system is important and it roles in getting rid of cold sore. Therefore, protecting and strengthening immune system will help much when dealing with the infection of HSV1. Maintaining good diet by consuming healthy and fresh foods contains vitamins and minerals that can provide nutrition for the body that leads to the strength of immune system. It is important to be aware about contact and exposure. Do not share personal stuffs with others and start hygienic life. In some cases, weather and nature can provoke the outbreak of cold sore such as sun and wind exposure. In this condition, it is better to reduce the exposure of them.

Dealing with food intake, there are some important kinds of food that can help onhow to get rid of fever blisters. Vitamin C, for example, is very useful to keep the immune system to be strong. Consuming foods contains Vitamin C and get enough rest and sleep is good combination to reduce the fever blister outbreak. HSV 1 infection can be suppressed by foods contain lysine such as nuts, meat, seeds, oats, corn, peanuts and dairy products. Consumption of processed food, sodas, caffeine and sugar should also be reduced or even avoided because it can causing fever blister outbreak. Another way to make cold sore go away is by taking home remedies using natural ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, milk, honey and others.