How to Get Rid of Melasma

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How to Get Rid of Melasma

There is a case that suddenly you see something wrong in your skin face. It seems that there are discolorations around the skin. If it is so, there is a possibility that you are suffered from melasma. Commonly, the color of your skin changes into brown, tan, or blue-gray. Moreover, the changing is also commonly in your chin, forehead, and upper cheeks. So, let’s try to learn more melasma as well as how to get rid of melasma.

Get Rid of Melasma by Yourself

Before learning about how to get rid of melasma it is important for you to know the cause of this disease. The common cause of melasma is divided into 2 causes. The first cause is from the inside of your body in which it is caused by the changing of your hormone. The second cause is from the outside of your body such as the exposure of sunlight. By the time you know that it is melasma, you have to get rid of it right away.

The earlier treatment is by taking non prescription action. So, how to get rid of melasma without prescription from your doctor? The first thing to do if you want to prevent melasma is that you have to keep your skin away from sunlight especially if you have to go outside in the afternoon. The simple thing to do is wearing a hat. If you have very sensitive skin so you can also use sunscreen. Just use specific sunscreen product and apply it in your skin for about 20 minutes before going out. It is good to use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher because it gives extra protection to your lovely skin. Beside wearing hat and applying sunscreen product, you can also wear a sunglass. Just wear a big sunglass so your skin face will be perfectly protected. Don’t forget to wear long sleeve shirt or pant. Sometimes, it is not enough to get rid of melasma.

For those who want to know about how to get rid of melasma without prescription, you can just buy hydroquinone cream. Just apply this cream regularly and in certain period of time, your skin will be lighter and the melasma will be faded. You can also buy this hydroquinone product in the form of lotion, gel, or liquid. If it is necessary, you can just find this type of cream which also contains of sunblock because you will get extra protection. It is okay if you want to use different type of product but just make sure that the product contains of kojic acid or melaplex. This kind of product can make your skin brighter and keep you away from melasma. If you ask about how to get rid of melasma by using non prescription product, it means you can also add a product known as tretinoin. This type of product is free to buy and it contains of vitamin A which is good for your skin. The good news is that Tretinoin helps to fade your melasma problem faster. There is a case that you like to use herbal products including to get rid of melasma. In this case, you can just use specific natural ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, watercress, bearberry, lemon peel extract, and many more.

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Get Rid of Melasma with Doctor Prescription

The problem if you treat melasma by yourself is that you don’t know the condition of your skin. This is the reason why sometimes you have to face more problems such as skin allergy or irritation. So, how to get rid of melasma if you have very sensitive skin and you are too afraid of using unknown skin products? The best way of how to get rid of melasma is by visiting doctor and getting the prescription. For your information, there are several prescriptions you will get to get rid of melasma.

The first thing to do is examining about the drugs you consume. For example, you have to stop the use of birth control pills or hormone replacement. Those types of drug can be the cause of melasma because it triggers the change of your hormone. The second thing you have to do after stopping your drugs is visiting your doctor. Just explain about the symptoms as well as the disease in detail. Later, the doctor will analyze your skin disease and decide whether it is melasma or not. If it is melasma, your doctor will give you drug prescription. You will get specific drug prescription such as hydroquinone cream. In this case, you will get the right type of hydroquinone cream which can treat the melasma safer and faster.

Sometimes, hydroquinone cream is not the only the drug prescription they give to you. Actually it depends on the level of melasma itself. The doctor gives you secondary prescription such as Tretinoin, Corticosteroid, Azelaic acid, Kojic acid, and many more. There is also a case that you have to take chemical peel. The dermatologist will ask you to use glycolic acid. This product gives burn sensation in your skin but it is a good option to free from melasma especially if it is considered as hard to remove melasma. Furthermore, your personal dermatologist gives advice you to take microdermabrasion and dermabrasion. This treatment is important to remove the dead cells and treat the melasma well. Now, you know how to get rid of melasma and it is up to you which type of treatment you want to apply. You may try the first treatment first and continue to the second treatment if it is necessary or just directly go to the doctor or dermatologist.