How to Get Rid of Itchy Eyes

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How to Get Rid of Itchy Eyes?

Allergies can be really unpredictable and troublesome. It can be triggered even by just doing a simple activity such as cleaning up the basement. Although it is most common during spring than in any other season, allergies can occur all year long as long as allergens are rampant in the air.

Allergens are substances that trigger allergic reactions. When allergens come into contact with your eyes, they cause a chemical reaction with the antibodies in the eyes. As a result, histamine is produced, which causes the eyes to get itchy, swollen, and watery. Itchy eyes can be very uncomfortable, and rubbing your eyes will only make matters worse.

How to get rid of itchy eyes? It is pretty easy. Even without eye drops, the itching sensation in your eyes can be relieved by simple home remedies.

  1. Applying a cold compress is an example of how to get rid of itchy eyes. You just have to put a clean piece of cloth in cold water and apply it on the affected area several times a day to relieve you of the discomfort. Chamomile tea bags can also be used as a makeshift cold compress. Used tea bags that were chilled for 30 minutes in the refrigerator can be placed over the eyes to get instant relief. Doing this for 10 minutes three or four times a day can speed up recovery.
  2. Due to it having anti-irritation properties, cucumber can relieve the irritation and swelling in the eyes that are usually from allergies. You should wash the cucumber thoroughly, slice it, and put it in the refrigerator. After 15 to 20 minutes, you should put the cucumber slices over your eyes and let it stay there for about 10 minutes. It is recommended to do this four or five times a day.
  3. Another way of how to get rid of itchy eyes is by using cold milk. You can rub the affected areas of your eyes with a cotton ball dabbed in cold milk once in the morning and another in the evening. An additional cooling effect can be obtained if you put a milk-soaked cotton ball on your eyes.
  4. Rinsing your itchy eyes with pure rosewater twice a day is extremely effective in getting instant relief. Rosewater can also be used as an eye drop solution to relieve the inflammation. Pure rosewater has soothing and cooling properties that can also be used to clear your eyes. Due to these properties, rosewater is a perfect means of how to get rid of itchy eyes.
  5. The allergens that have accumulated in your eyes can be washed away by a mixture of salt and water, thereby reducing the inflammation and irritation of the eyes. These two substances are readily available, which makes it a practical example of how to get rid of itchy eyes. The mixture can be prepared by adding one teaspoon of salt into a cup of boiling water. Once the salt dissolves, the mixture should be left to cool. For fast results, rinse your eyes with this mixture several times a day and continue doing so for two to three days.
  6. Another example of how to get rid of itchy eyes is by using eyewash made from green tea. This can be prepared by adding two green tea bags in a cup of water and boiling it. After the mixture cools completely, you can use the mixture twice a day until the itchiness in your eyes disappears. Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties, which can provide a soothing effect to your eyes.
  7. With its moisturizing and soothing properties, aloe vera is a great means of how to get rid of itchy eyes. On its own, aloe vera juice can be used as eyewash. You also have the option of preparing a mixture of aloe vera, honey, and elderberry blossom tea and use it twice a day to rinse your eyes until the symptoms subside.
  8. Raw potatoes can reduce the redness and inflammation that accompanies itchy eyes through its astringent properties. This fact makes raw potatoes a great means of how to get rid of itchy eyes. Chilled slices of raw potatoes can be put on your eyes for about 15 to 20 minutes before going to sleep. Repeating this procedure for two to three consecutive nights will yield best results.
  9. Fenugreek can also be used as a means of how to get rid of itchy eyes. A smooth paste can be obtained if you soak fenugreek seeds in water for about 8 hours. This should be put over your eyes and left for about 20 minutes before washing it off with cold water. This procedure is best done twice in a day and on a regular basis to achieve best results.
  10. Another way of how to get rid of itchy eyes is by using juice from raw vegetables such as spinach and carrots. Drinking raw vegetable juice twice a day can help relieve you of the discomfort that accompanies itchy eyes. You have the option to drink the juice from one type of vegetable or to mix different juices together.
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Aside from using home remedies, you can also take certain steps to avoid allergic reactions or prevent your itchy eyes from worsening.

Allergic reactions can be triggered due to pollen. Pollen count is relatively high in the middle of the morning and early in the evening, thus it is advisable to stay indoors during these times to avoid allergic reactions. If you need to go outdoors, make sure your eyes are protected by wearing eyeglasses or sunglasses. It is also recommended to close your windows and use your air conditioning unit at home or in your car during these times.

Contact lenses can also cause your eyes to get irritated. Allergens that are floating in the air can be freely accumulated in the surface of contact lenses. It is advisable to use eyeglasses or disposable contacts during allergy seasons to prevent allergens from building up in your eyes.

Sweeping stirs up allergens instead of removing them. When cleaning your house, it would be better to use a damp mop instead. It would also be better to use blinds for your windows rather than using curtains where allergens can accumulate. Furthermore, since rugs and carpets also hold allergens, you should consider replacing them with flooring materials that are easy to clean such as hardwood or tiles.

Dust mites can also trigger allergic reactions thus allergen-impermeable covers should be used for your pillows. Make it a habit to wash you bedding frequently and thoroughly. Mattresses that are a few years old are sure to hold allergens thus it would be best to replace them with new ones.

If you are suffering from itchy eyes, refrain from rubbing them. While it is extremely tempting to succumb to the itchy sensation, rubbing your eyes will only cause more histamine to be produced and the symptoms to worsen. Instead of rubbing them, use eye drops or home remedies that can soothe your itchy eyes. If these products do not work and other symptoms such as blurry vision occurred, you should seek help from a qualified medical practitioner immediately.

Aside from affecting one’s vision, itchy eyes are very uncomfortable. There are various steps that you can take to prevent it from occurring as well as easy-to-do home remedies that can help you get rid of it. Keeping your surroundings free from allergens is a sure way to reduce the chances of allergic reactions and get rid of your itchy eyes.

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