How to Tell If You Have a Fever

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How to Tell If You Have a Fever

How to tell if you have a fever is important to figure out. Fever is a kind of body condition where your body temperature is increasing temporarily. Usually this condition leads to an illness which mean when you have fever, it is a sign that your body is not in a good condition or an illness is starting to attack your body. Fever can attack anyone regardless of the age. For adults, this condition is only considered as “uncomfortable”. However, for babies or toddlers, fever can really indicate serious condition because if their body temperature raises even only a little, it can be the sign that they get illness or serious infection. This kind of condition usually will go away on its own within a few days. Many medications are available in drugstores to lower a fever. However, this kind of condition is better to be left untreated until it goes away on its own. It is because fever has the ability to help our body to fight off numerous infections inside our body. Below are the ways how to tell if you have a fever so that you can be aware.

1.     Body Temperature is Increasing

The most obvious sign of fever is the increasing body temperature. When the body temperature is rising above normal, more or less you are getting this condition. The average degree of normal body temperature is approximately 98.6o F or 39.4o C . So, if your body temperature is above it, you should consider yourself getting fever. If the temperature of the body reaches more than103o F or approximately 39.4o C, you should see a doctor immediately.

2.     Sweating

When your body temperature is rising, you will sweat a lot even though you do not do too much activity. So, if you are sweating a lot suddenly and feel a little warm, it is possible that you are having this kind of condition right now. However, sweating a lot can also be the symptom of many serious conditions. So, when you are feeling not okay about your sweating, call a doctor immediately.

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3.     Headache

Because of the rising of the body temperature, the blood pressure to your head will be affected as well. The blood supply to your head will be limited and that is why you will get headache. So, when you feel warm and has headache, you probably have this kind of condition. When your headache is unbearable, you can see your doctor as soon as possible. However, if it is not, just handle it with cold pad and warm tea.

4.     Weakness

When you have this kind of condition, your overall body condition will be weaken. You will feel less energetic and so unwell. It will be worse because of the warm temperature of your body, the sweating, and the headache. When you feel so weak, just keep drinking water to avoid yourself from being dehydrated. Knowing the ways how to tell if you have a fever like this is important so that you will be aware.