How to Tell If You Have Cancer

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How to Tell If You Have Cancer

Most of you are confused about how to tell if you have cancer. This is because cancer is considered as a deadly disease. There is a case that your family will not ready to hear this kind of information especially from you. Of course, you don’t have to talk directly to your family. It is better for you to go to the doctor first and consult to them about how to tell if you have cancer especially to your beloved family.

Let Them Know the Symptoms

One of tricks of how to tell if you have cancer you may use is by giving slightly information to your family about cancer. For example, you can just let them know the symptoms of cancer. Let say, you have unexplained weight loss. You can share to them that you have this kind of problem. Again, you don’t need to show first that you are suffered from cancer. Let them find the reason why unexplained weight can be happened. This is the same case in which you can show that you have the same or similar symptoms such as fatigue, fever, pain, and even skin change. When they are starting curious about those symptoms, you can try the second trick of how to tell if you have cancer.

Let Them Know the Result from the Doctor

So, what do you have to do next after introducing those symptoms above? For those who really want to know about how to tell if you have cancer, you can just ask one of your families to go to the doctor. Later, you can discuss about your condition to the doctor first. In this step, your doctor will ask you to take blood test for cancer. Besides taking your blood, commonly your doctor will also take your urine as a sample. By using this simple treatment, your doctor will know if there is something wrong in your body.

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At least, you have to follow three different blood tests before cancer treatment. First, you have to do blood complete blood count or CBC test. This test is commonly used to detect cancer because by using this test, your doctor will know if there is abnormal cell. Second, you also can take a specific test known as blood protein testing. Just like the name of the test, the doctor will test the protein within your body. By doing this test, you will know if there is abnormal immune system in your body. Third, you also need to take a test namely tumor marker test. Actually, this test is still related to your blood in which the tumor cell can be detected earlier from your blood. Tumor marker test is not commonly used because it is considered as a controversial test. The first and the second test are commonly used to know whether you are suffered from cancer or not. So, what is the relationship between this explanation and how to tell if you have cancer? In this case, you just ask your family to read the result from the doctor. Doctor knows how to explain your condition medically. This type of trick can also reduce the shocking feeling.