How to Get Rid of a Bird Chest

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How to Get Rid of a Bird Chest

If you have flat, skinny, and unattractive chest, you probably want to know how to get rid of a bird chest effectively. Also known as the pigeon’s chest, this is a condition that usually happens to male, where the chest is flat, even sunken, thin, and not buff or muscular. This can also happen to women where they are considered flat chested. Of course, it is not attractive; some even consider it as sick-looking because you will look too skinny and too willowy. So, how do you manage with that?

How to Get Rid of a Bird Chest and the Importance of Exercise

Exercise is the only way to deal with the pigeon’s chest. It is related to the muscles and how you should develop the mass. By working out, you should be able to work on the muscles, add the mass, and shape them. Only by doing so, you can be free from any flat chested issue, making yourself free from the bird chest condition. What kind of exercise should you be doing?

  1. Push ups. This is one of the simplest and common exercise routines to develop your muscles around the shoulders, arms, and chest. The idea is to create and shape the muscle groups, so they will look bigger – no cosmetic procedures or surgical treatments needed. Exercises are designed to make your muscles work hard and develop the mass. If you are able to do regular push-ups, not only the muscles on your arms and shoulders will improve but your chest as well. You may notice that your chest is getting buff with attractive shape. For women, it affects their breasts, making them firmer and tighter. No more loose and saggy breasts or flat chests anymore. Push-ups can be done through the regular method or the wall push-ups. If you want to add the challenge, you can combine it with sit ups and even planks.
  2. Planks. It may seem easy but never underestimate the planks. Not only it will affect your chest, it will also affect your core. The idea of the plank exercise is to maintain the core strength while challenging the muscle groups in different areas with the seemingly simple exercise. The routine seems simple and yet there are different muscle groups are working hard on this, including the arms, shoulder, chest, stomach, legs, and thighs. The main challenge is to lift the stomach and the legs while keeping your posture straight and well maintained against gravity. It’s not easy but it is worth it.
  3. Dumbbell Pullover. Besides this exercise will work on your chest, it will affect your triceps and back too. You can do three sets of routine with 12 repetitions for each set. You need to lie down and hold a dumbbell. Slowly press up and then reach back over the head, keeping your elbows straight. Make sure that you reach back until the arms are quite parallel to the floor. Repeat the process again until the sets are over.
  4. Bench Press. Have you seen people lifting weight while they are lying down? Well, that’s the idea of this exercise. If you want to know how to get rid of a bird chest, this is one of the most popular one. Make sure that your hands are shoulder-width apart and even wider. Slowly take the bar low to the chest and then press up, keeping the elbow straight. As you gain mass and muscles, you can add the weight.
  5. Push-ups and Planks. Try this combination and you won’t only be able to develop chest muscle but tighter stomach, firmer buttocks, and better core strength. It’s like the entire exercise perfection that will improve your posture, condition, and overall well-being. It is challenging but it is worth it.
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These exercises can be done at home but if you are about to use the extra weights, it is better if you are accompanied by a professional trainer at first, so you know how to perform everything correctly. Once you get the hang of it, you can practice on your own. Exercise is definitely one working method of how to get rid of a bird chest effectively but only if you do it right.