How to Get Rid of a Stomach Ache at School

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How to Get Rid of a Stomach Ache at School

Many people, most probably including you who are students, will have the activities be put at hampering or even halt due to stomach ache. Therefore, you are looking for solutions how to get rid of a stomach ache at school. Such cramping ache will hamper you from doing what you are supposed to do at school, such as focusing your mind on the lessons or having gym class. In addition, the troubling sensation is enough to make you do nothing but suffer from the cramp and go back and forth to the toilet just to relieve yourself from the bothersome sensation.

Solutions on How to Get Rid of a Stomach Ache at School

Stomach ache, or usually called stomach cramp, is a medical condition in which those who suffer from it will have sensations of painful ache and tightening feeling on the stomach. It is caused by overproduction of gas acid which fills the inner side of your stomach, gas on the upper part of your stomach and bacterial infection usually caused by E. coli or giardiasis. No matter what the cause is, stomach ache will always have a bothersome and painful sensation which makes all of your activities put to halt. Simply put, you need to find the solution to cure and relieve the sensation. Luckily, there are several tips on how to get rid of a stomach ache at school you can get off the book and try for yourself. Here is the list of solutions of getting rid of the stomach ache.

  1. Give your stomach a gentle massage. As stated above, one of the implications of you having a stomach ache is that you will the tightening sensation on your stomach with pain following it. One of the first aid treatment you can give yourself when you have stomach ache at school with lack of proper medicine is giving yourself a massage with your hands in a circular movement for several times. Such gentle massage can give a more relaxing sensation on your cramped stomach. Another thing you need to know is that the massage needs to go all the way from upper to lower part of your stomach.
  2. Stop consuming food and drink. When you feel like you have symptoms of stomach ache and you are nowhere near the medical facilities to help relieving the sensation, another thing you can do is to stop all food and drink consumption immediately. Such thing needs to be done in order to stop the painful contraction on your stomach. In this case, avoid any solid foods and drinks of all kinds. But if you need to fill your stomach in such an emergency, you can opt for foods with no acid in it, such as the one made of grains.
  3. Opt for fruits and vegetables. This solution for stomach ache actually correlates to the one above. If you need anything else to eat, try to avoid solid foods and any kinds of drinks which can stimulate further contraction on your stomach. Instead, opt for something of fibers in high amount of it, such as leafy green vegetables, papaya, pineapple, or pomegranate which have been known to relieve the cramp on stomach. It is the utmost importance for relieving the bothersome sensation. Besides, these ingredients are quite easy to find and get at school for they are always available at school cafeteria. Just be sure that the ingredients you pick are fresh and clean to prevent another case of stomach cramp in the second place.
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Those are details on everything you need to know about the solutions on how to get rid of a stomach ache at school.