How to Get Rid Of Air Bubbles On Screen Protector

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How to Get Rid Of Air Bubbles On Screen Protector

Inappropriate installation of screen protector often makes air bubbles which are really not nice. Taking it off is not a good idea since once you peel it won’t be as sticky as before. Therefore, you need to know some tricks on how to get rid of air bubbles on screen protector. You only need to practice some easy, practical, and effective ways to solve this problem. So, here are some easy tricks to remove those disturbing bubbles.

How to Get Rid of Air Bubbles On Screen Protector Easily

  • Push The Air Bubbles Using a Card. Take a thick card like a credit card or debit card to push the air bubbles toward the edge. This step is applied for making the surface flat fully attached on the screen as it should be.
  • Take Off a Few Part of Screen Protector. If the air bubbles are caused by clumps of dust, you need to take off a few part of screen protector where the dust settles. Take off the protector using plastic tape. Paste the tape on the screen guard and make sure that the tape is wider than screen protector. Pull the tape gently and carefully, take the dirt using toothpick slowly, and tape back the screen protector and rub using edge of card.
  • Buy a New One and Start Over. If you already tried both of previous tricks on how to get rid of air bubbles on screen protector but it nothing works, just buy a new one. Start over from scratch with a better-quality screen protector. To start over, you have to apply a better trick to install screen protector.

The common cause of air bubbles on screen protector is an inappropriate installation where there is dirt, dust, and oil covering the screen. Therefore, before installing the protector, you should clean the screen using smooth washcloth. It has to be really clean, without even a piece of cloth fiber and dust.

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After cleaning the screen, place the screen protector appropriately on the screen to estimate the best placement. Please notice that a screen protector has two sides-after applications and before applications. So, make sure that you paste the correct side on the screen. Peel slowly the “before application” layer, paste on the phone screen by the position you have prepared before. Do this step until a whole part of screen protector is taped. And finally, peel off the “after application” layer. If you practice these steps, the screen protector is taped well and will not make any air bubbles any longer.

It is okay it some little air bubbles still exist. You can apply the first trick using credit card to push them until the protector is perfectly taped on the screen phone. Once it is taped, it will not get detached on its own, unless you buy a really bad-quality protector. So, what do you think? Some tricks on how to get rid of air bubbles on screen protector are useful, right? Feel free to practice them!

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