How to Get Rid of Air in Stomach after Surgery

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How to Get Rid of Air in Stomach After Surgery?

Gas pain or air in a stomach is one of the effects after surgery. It is usually called as the post-operative side effects. There are many same questions about how to get rid of air in stomach after surgery. According to anesthesiologist, there are two types of post-operative gas pain that commonly occur after undergoing surgery. They are intestinal gas pains and intraperitoneal gas pains. Both of them are caused by gas inside of the abdominal. There is no any recommended medical treatment for this problem besides pain medications. However, there are several ways to relief pain caused by air or gas in stomach.

How to Get Rid of Air in Stomach after Surgery Safely

  1. Drinking Hot Mint Tea. Mint tea is a safe natural remedy for gas pain or air in stomach. Besides its advantage to eliminate gas pain, the aroma is useful as a tranquilizer and its antioxidant content is effective for body fitness.
  2. Drinking Warm Water. Drinking warm water is effective to smooth metabolism inside the body. It also activates your digestive system which helps to prevent you from digestive disorders. In addition, warm water promotes blood circulation towards the intestines. It also helps to prevent constipation
  3. Drinking Hot Ginger Drink. Ginger is an effective herb to reduce pain due to air in stomach. It contains natural essential oil, protease, and lipase to smooth digestive system. It is also trusted to reduce post-operative gas pain and other side effects.
  4. Drinking Probiotics. After surgery, there must be a higher level of antibiotic in your blood due to large doses to prevent infection. It causes intestinal bacteria imbalance. This condition evokes the gas production, usually after eating. There are a variety of probiotics you can drink to promote the beneficial intestinal bacteria growth. Before taking probiotics, you’d better consult your doctor.
  5. Applying Heating Pad. This is an easy way on how to get rid of air in stomach after surgery. Compress your stomach using heating pad. It is really helpful to give relief to your stomach. But remember don’t apply it to the numb part.
  6. Walk Often. Walking often is an important to do after surgery. It helps to reduce gas pain and encourages the natural bowel movement, relieving constipation and gas. There are other benefits of walking after undergoing surgery such as preventing intestinal stoppages and blood clots.
  7. Doing Leg Exercise Regularly. Leg exercise is helpful to stimulate the bowels. You don’t need to do such hard exercise. Just do some simple and light movements such as pulling and releasing the legs and rocking back slowly. Maybe it will be rather painful, so you should do it carefully.
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Air in stomach or gas pain is really inconvenience. Though it is a common side effect of surgery, you can’t just surrender. Your doctor or surgeon might give some medical advices about this condition. But at least, some easy ways on how to get rid of air in stomach after surgery you have read above are relieving during the first few days after surgery.