How To Get Rid Of American Roaches In The House Naturally

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How Do I Get Rid Of American Cokroaches Fast Naurally and Permanently.

Do you often see the American roaches at your home? That is the most annoying situation, right? Especially if you or your family members are scared or phobia with roaches. Roaches will also make your cooking ware and your furniture at home become dirty. Absolutely, everyone wants to eradicate American roaches from home. But, before we discuss about How to get rid of American roaches fast, you should know about the characteristic features of American roaches. If you can identify their habit, you can easily eradicate them permanently.

The Latin name of American Roaches is Periplaneta Americana. Their length is about 50mm or 3 inches with brown as the color of their bodies and yellow for their hands. American roaches like dirty and unhygienic environment. The roaches can also enter clean house through drainage pipes. They will come up if you do not cover your food in the kitchen or dining table. About the nest, they can make it in really narrow place such as remote control, the slits of the furniture, the cracks of walls and they breed faster than you think. They can stand in extreme environment with rare food. The most important information about American roaches is they are resistant to kind of pesticide.

If you have understood to identify well, you can start to rid of American Roaches. We all have known that there are two kinds of ways to eradicate roaches fast, with insecticides which are available in any store or with natural ingredient which are able to be found in your house. If you want to rid of American Roaches with insecticides, you have to think twice, it is because insecticides can interfere the health of your family member, especially your kids. The form of insecticides usually sprays or powder. The chemical ingredients which are contained in insecticides can cause respiratory disorders. Chemical insecticides can’t rid of American roaches permanently. You are better to choose save ingredient to eradicate American roaches. This article will give you information about the natural ingredients and the way to rid of American roaches fast naturally and permanently.

  1. Bay Leaf. Who says that bay leaf is just used for cooking. This kind of leaf can help you to get rid of American roaches permanently. Things you have to do are, grind a handful of bay leaves and sprinkle it to American roaches’ nest or the place they usually appear. You can apply this step to the car garage where their nest is usually in the bottom of garage door. Using bay leaf is the best choice if you want to get rid of American roaches permanently without killing them. It is also the easiest way to do.
  2. Mint Oil. You can spray mint oil directly to the American roaches if you see them. You can also spray the mint oil to the corners of your kitchen, bath room and other rooms in your house. It will be better if you know the location of their nests and spray to the nests directly.
  3. Lemon. For your information, his acid and fresh fruit contains anti pathogenic to avoid the growth of bacteria. You can add the squeeze of lemon while you mop the floor. The bacteria will die and American roaches do not want to stay at your house.
  4. Garlic. You can easily find garlic at your home. Cut the garlics into small pieces. Put those small pieces of garlic in your bed room, dining room and your kitchen. American roaches run away and they are afraid to come back to your house. It is better if you directly put the pieces of garlic near their nests.
  5. The mix of pepper, garlic and onion. Other way to get rid of the American roaches, you can make the mix of one spoon of pepper, one clove of garlic and the half of onion. Puree them with blender and add one liter of water. you can also add soap solution if you want. After doing that, you can put it into spray bottle. You can spray it to the places where the American roaches usually appear. You can also spray it directly to their nests if you know the location. American roaches will go away and never come back anymore because they really do not like the smell.
  6. Cucumber. Perhaps, you have never thought that cucumber can drive out American roaches. You should try this because it is one of the best way to get rid of the roaches. Put the small pieces of cucumber into empty aluminum can. Aluminum will react with cucumber, which will create the smell to kill American roaches. Put the cans at places where you usually find out the American roaches appear. You are better to put it near their nest. This is one of way to get rid of the American roaches from your house.
  7. Hot Water. Using hot water is the easiest way to drive out the American roaches permanently from your house. if you find the bag of American roaches or the nests, you can boil the water flush the nest away. Flushing the hot water to their nest is for obstructing their breeder. You can do it regularly; the American roaches will not make nest into your house and they will go away.
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Those are the ingredients and ways to get rid of American roaches which have made you and your family members annoyed and disgusted. But there are additional tips to avoid the American roaches to come back to your house, this is the following tips;

First is remove the garden waste from your front or your backyard, it will make the American roaches come. The second is close the cracks in your house so that American roaches are not able to enter your house. Give the cover of your all pipes in your kitchen and your bath room. If you kill or step on American roaches, make sure that you clean it as clean as you can, including the equipment to kill the American roaches. If the mother of American roaches died, the eggs still can hatch.