How to Get Rid of Roaches in Your Car

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How To Get Rid Of The Cockroaches On Car.

Can you imagine while you are focusing on driving your car, you feel roaches on your feet? absolutely, that will disgust you. The worse condition is, you will lose your focus and that is so dangerous. However, the kind of things will really happen if you do not care about the cleanliness of your car. if you have this kind of problem in your car, you do not need to worry because this article will give you information about the cause of there are roaches in the car and we will also give you tips about how to get rid of roaches in your car.

We all know that roaches will not enter into the car without any reasons. They can enter into the car because they stick on the things that you bring into your car such as newspaper or shoes. Roaches will grow and breed if your car is in dirty and moist situation. The habit of the owner of the car also become the reason there are roaches in it. The leftover which have not been cleaned can invite the roaches to enter your car. Your habit to park the car is also the reason there are roaches. if you often park your cat near the dirty places like sewer, wastewater, garbage dump, no wonder if there are roaches stay in your car. if you really want to get rid of the roaches permanently from your car, you are better doing the following tips:

  1. Sunning the car. You can sun your car from 11 AM until 1 PM. However, you have to make sure that the sunshine is bright. One of characteristic of roaches you should know is, they hate hot places. If you shine your car and make your car in hot condition, they will go out from their nest. All we know that in the car, they usually stay or make nest into the slit we can reach to get them off. This is one best way to make them go out. You can also pour water into basin and put it into your car. When the roaches feel hot, they look for cool place or water, they will enter the basin and can’t do anything. After you feel that all roaches have entered the basin, you can easily throw them.
  2. Do the mini fogging. You can use up one bottle of insecticide spray that you can buy easily from any store near your house. Spray your whole interior car with the insecticide spray and don’t forget to spray into the slits. Roaches usually make the nest in the slits of cracks of your car. You have to use nose cover when you do that. You have to know that insecticide have chemical ingredients that cause respiratory disorders. If you suffer from shortness of breath or have history of it. You should ask someone to do the mini fogging. You also have to make sure there are no children when you do the fogging. If you have finished spray all of insecticide into your car, you can close all doors of your car and leave it two hours. If you ever think that the fogging will make your car dirtier because the roaches will die in the slits of your car and you can’t clean them, you are completely wrong. One of the roaches’ characteristic you should know is, they will go out and look for larger places if their previous place is lack of oxygen. So that they will look for open space of the car before they die. Additional tips is, you can remove the rugs before doing mini fogging. If you lucky, you will find the roaches and kill them.
  3. Use the camphor. The same as insecticide spray, you also can find the camphor easily find and buy camphor in any store near your house. You can destroy the camphor and sow into the slits of your car that are usually the location of roaches’ nests. You can also sow it to the places where the roaches usually appear. You do not need to worry about respiratory problem. It is because you will not inhale the powder of camphor. This is one of save way to get rid of roaches without interfer your health. Let the powder of camphor in your car three or four days. Maybe you feel strange and your car dirty, but soon you will lose the roaches. after four days or more, you feel there are no roaches in your car, you can clean your car with vacuum cleaner.
  4. Use the natural ingredient. You can create the natural way to get rid of the roaches in your car, you can drive them out with pieces of garlic and do the same thing as sowing the camphor. The roaches do not like the smell of garlic. You can also spray mint oil or lemon. These natural ingredients will make the roaches will not come anymore to your car. it also saves for your health because you use lack of chemical ingredient.
  5. Make the rule of eating in the car. As it has explained before, leftovers will invite the roaches to come to your car. if you have no time to clean your car regularly, you are better to not eat in your car especially when you are driving. You can also give the rule to your family members. Leftovers also make your car smell bad.
  6. Keep clean your garage. The cleanness of your garage also affects the coming of the roaches in to your car. you should clean the garage regularly especially if your car is out of the garage. You should sweep and mop the floor of the garage. You can also put camphor so that the roaches will not enter into your car. things that you should remember is, when you kill the roaches, you should clean it as clean as you can. It is because the egg from the mother of roaches will hatch.