How to Get Rid Of Asp Caterpillar

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How to Get Rid Of Asp Caterpillar

Asp caterpillar, or commonly known as puss caterpillar, is a type of caterpillar that is coated with a big fur, making it look like fluffy hairy bug. However, this article will only discuss further on how to get rid of asp caterpillar instead of a dictionary about this particular caterpillar. Don’t be fooled by its appearance, for by the time it stings you, you may experience a painful zap in your body. You may also experience swollen glands together with itchiness and nausea feeling. All of those symptoms can take place for several hours, days, or even weeks, depending on how severe the symptoms look like.

How to Get Rid of Asp Caterpillar to Try At Home

There are several ways to eradicate asp caterpillar, either for good or temporarily. You can also choose whether you’re going to use the natural way or traditional way. However, there are upsides and downsides of using either the natural exterminator or traditional exterminator. It will be fatherly discussed in bellow’s list:

  • Pick them up one by one using rubber gloves
    This method will probably be the best choice since it is pretty effective. You have to pick the caterpillar you can find one by one, and don’t forget to use rubber gloves to avoid contact with your skin. Place them in a bowl full of water with soap. The upside of this method is that hopefully it will be able to kill the visible bugs. But the downside would probably be that they cannot guarantee to prevent further proliferation of this caterpillar in the future.
  • Spritz rosemary oil into the caterpillars. Rosemary oil has been known as one of the most effective natural pesticide. All you need to do is just place the oil into a bottle, and spread them right into the caterpillars. Technically, it will be able to take down some caterpillar visible upon your sight without damaging plants you have been growing. The upside of this method is since it is a natural pesticide; it doesn’t have any bad side effect to your home grown plant but can still effectively kill the bug. The downside is that it’d probably take several times to make sure that all the caterpillars are gone.
  • Use a traditional pesticides. Usually, the most mainstream answer of how to get rid of asp caterpillar is to use traditional chemical pesticides. It is obviously proven to get rid of annoying bugs in your garden easily. You only need to spray the pesticide around the area infected and you should be good to go. However, the distinct downside would be it can affect the plant badly because of its chemical component. And not only it kills the caterpillars, it can also kills its natural predator thus increasing the possibility of caterpillar proliferation in the future.
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From three methods above, you can use whichever method that suits your need in getting off of the caterpillars. As mentioned above, each method has its own upside and downside. If your aim is only to make them go temporarily, you can use the first and second method to make sure the visible caterpillar exterminated. If you wanted to seal their fate for good, may as well use a traditional pesticide.

In the end, you still have to prevent further contact of them with your skin, because their effect can be pretty deadly. You can go to straight to emergency room if you’re allergic with them. Thus, it is important for you to make sure that asp caterpillar is not reproducing in your garden. Based on this article, we have known there are several ways on how to get rid of asp caterpillar, so if you happen to have this problem, might as well try to apply them in your life.