How to Get Rid Of Baby Chest Congestion

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How to Get Rid Of Baby Chest Congestion

If you happen to have an infant that suffers from a breathing difficulty and constant coughing, you might want to consult to a doctor on how to get rid of baby chest congestion. Chest congestion itself is something that often happens to a baby, remembering that their immune is still adapting to outside world. Therefore, there’s no need to be extra worried about the safety of your baby, although it is still important to make sure that your baby get a proper handling to prevent further complication. Usually, chest congestion occurs from mucus that comes from runny nose and throat. Thus, most of the time chest congestion can just disappear as time goes by. This article then will help you on getting out off of baby chest congestion in simple steps that you can apply to your child at home.

How to Get Rid Of Baby Chest Congestion in Effective Ways

Chest congestion can be very uncomfortable to a child. It can cause difficulty breathing, thus decreasing one’s appetite to feed and difficulty sleeping. Fever and nausea feeling may follow as symptoms of congestion. This can be problematic to a child’s growth if not treated soon enough. There are several ways on treating chest congestion on baby, which will be explored further in the following list:

  1. Increase daily drinking intake. Encourage your baby to drink more, most importantly to increase their fluid intake. This could help relieve the congestion by diluting some mucus available particularly in the baby’s throat. Mind yourself that if you’re breastfeeding, you also need to eat healthy and good food to make sure that your baby got the nutrient it needs while healing the congestion. It is normal if the baby refuse to breastfeed in usual portion, but you will have to make sure that he/she breastfeed as frequent as possible.
  2. Steam or add a room humidifier. Steam can help the baby to breathe easier. You can purchase a humidifier for the baby’s room to help the congestion go away, especially when the baby’s sleeping. Or if you don’t have the budget, you can use your shower and set it to the highest degree until the room is filled up with hot steam. Afterwards, you should enter the bathroom with your baby and wait inside for a couple of minutes to relieve the baby’s respiratory system. This can come in handy if your baby has trouble breathing because it can dilute the mucus inside the baby’s nose to help it recover faster.
  3. Elevate the baby’s head while sleeping. If the second method seems impossible for you to be done, you can start by elevating the baby’s head position while he/she is sleeping. This can help the baby to cough easier, thus making the mucus to come out faster and heal the pain away. All you need to do is put a pillow under the upper side of the mattress, and positioned your baby’s head there. It should be able to help the baby breathe easier for the mucus will be able to get away faster. This method is believed to be one of the most effective ways on how to get rid of baby chest congestion.
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Baby chest congestion can be dangerous, especially if you don’t recognize the symptoms early enough to take a preventive action. Thus, make sure to always keep an eye whenever your baby has difficulty breathing or coughing. Based on the list of how to get rid of baby chest congestion above, you should be able to help your baby’s breathing ability before going to the doctor for further action needed.