How to Get Rid Of Bumps on Penile Shaft

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How to Get Rid Of Bumps on Penile Shaft

For men out there, the manhood part of your body is really vital; you don’t want anything bad to happen to it. But sometimes there will be bumps and acnes that can be disgusting if left untreated. Do you wish to learn how to get rid of bumps on penile shaft, and say good bye to them forever? If so, please keep reading this article until the end because this article provides various ways of it.

How to Get Rid Of Bumps on Penile Shaft in Steps

  1. Cleaning. Boys are associated with dirtiness, but this is not the way to go if you want to make the bumps disappear. You will have to properly clean and wash your shaft, two times per day at least, by using the anti-acne formula. You will need to avoid using soap or other regular body wash because they tend to fill the pores—which is, the trigger of the bumps in the first place and it also makes your penile skin flaky and patchy. You are advised to hit the shower as much as possible, but since boys tend to wash their bodies once a day, you should definitely free some time in a day to wash your penis alone.
  2. Drying. After you’re done with cleaning, you have to softly dab clean towel to the bumps on your junk. As opposed to rubbing that can irritate your skin and lead to more tremendous breakouts, you will have to make yourself used to treating your nether region more gently.
  3. Remedy. Moving on to the actual remedy, you will have to get anti-acne substance such as salicylic acid or tea tree oil. Then you will have to apply it to your penile shaft especially the bumpy areas. If the bumps occur in the area of penis head, you can opt to ditch this step because this area is more sensitive and prone to chemical substance here. You just need to have your penis head clean every day.
  4. Follow-up treatment. What is the follow up treatment on how to get rid of bumps on penile shaft? If you guess it’s acne moisturizer, then you are right. You can keep your penis skin moistured all day long, which can prevent the oil clogging your penis pores. It will also generally feel nice on your shaft—and that’s a good thing right?
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If you really follow the steps, you will only have to sit back and see how it really works. However, if your case is more serious than this, you can consider some of the treatments that are not quite home-based. Another tip is that you can gently pop the bumps if you feel like it’s getting resistant. Don’t worry about this because your penis skin is thicker and stronger than your face skin so the result will be different. Remember to be gentle though, and apply the treatment right away after you pop the zit. These have been the steps on how to get rid of bumps on penile shaft, and, wish you all the best!