How to Get Rid of Lizards on Porch

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How to Get Rid of Lizards on Porch

Having your porch full of lizard is definitely one of the peskiest moments for you who are related to house pest, hence the title how to get rid of lizards on porch. For those of you who have distinctive fear and distaste on these reptiles, seeing them in your house pretty much anywhere of it seems to be something of borderline terrifying and disgusting, the sights of which are enough to make you shudder with dread and fright. In that case, you need to get real once you see a sight or two of these pesky pests in your house.

What most of you do not know is that the existence of lizards in your house is not something of a curse and to be disgusted of. These reptiles have much more things than meet your frightful eyes. They have known to be able to feed on any animals of real house pests, such as mosquitos and spiders. But, something from its scaled appearance and crawling around are not enough to appease your disgusts. There is only one thing captured in your mind: how to get rid of lizards on porch to actually be free of these house pests.

Solutions on How to Get Rid of Lizards on Porch

There are simple ways you can do to actually be rid of these lizards from your house. Here is the list of solutions on being rid of the lizards

  • Keep away all food sources in your house
    One of the best invitations the lizards will respond to is food supply in your house laying neglected. If you tend to leave foods without any care and any corner in your house which can be a perfect place for them to hide, you might as well give them a perfect shelter to live for several days or even for a living. In this case, you need to throw away those invitations by keeping your food in unreachable storage for the lizards to get. Keep them inside the fridge.
  • Make your house clean and neat
    Another good and inviting reason why lizards come to your house in a pack is that you have inadvertently made your house potential for them to live and do all things they want. Perhaps you have let your belonging get scattered unattended, such as stacks of unwashed dishes, dusty corner, and moldy unwashed clothes. What most of you do not know is that this flabby mess is actually perfect green light for lizards to invest in your house. So you need to take care of this mess right away.
  • Catch and kill them
    If you have done the deed but yet they keep coming back for more, you need to gear yourself up for the task of catching them by yourself. Do not worry since you do not need to catch them with bare hands. Simply rush them to an open box and kill them if they already get in the box.
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That is all for solutions on how to get rid of lizards on porch.

Image attribution: By SajjadF (Own work) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons