How to Get Rid of Fissured Tongue

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How to Get Rid of Fissured Tongue

Do you know how to get rid of fissured tongue? Normal tongue should have this smooth and flat surface with a pinkish tint. If it is healthy, you should notice the moist white coating layer on the tongue but you shouldn’t find any cuts, teeth marks, or cracks. When you find such fissures on the tongue and it is accompanied by pain or discomfort, you may want to look further into the issue. By knowing the exact cause, you can understand your condition better, leading to a better and more effective solution.

How to Get Rid of Fissured Tongue and Know the Major Causes

So, how can the tongue cut or grazed or lacerated? Well, the mouth is the house of teeth and being close to one another, it is pretty logical if your teeth will graze or accidentally cut the tongue. Moreover, being a part of the mouth has made the tongue quite prone to sores and moth ulcers which make it more problematic and difficult to control. If such an issue isn’t treated, it can lead to further issue.

Moreover, fissures on the tongue can be caused by other factors, such as teeth grinding, spicy (and also hot) foods, and the lack of nutrition. Vitamin deficiency, Ariboflavinosis (riboflavin deficiency), or lack of folic acid can lead to cracks to the tongue. Depending on the severity of the issue and the causes of the problem, how to get rid of fissured tongue?

  1. Toothpaste and Antibiotics. Make sure that you go to the doctor and they have checked your condition. If the issue is caused by the wrong type of toothpaste or your current one is considered too harsh, having milder and softer toothpaste can help. In the event that you are suffering from bacterial infestation, you can also use the antibiotics. But keep in mind that antibiotics should be used according to doctor’s prescription and direction. And never use the antibiotics for a prolonged time because it will damage your tongue and cause a peeling.
  2. Oral Cleanliness. If there is bacterial infestation, it is possible that you haven’t done any proper dental hygiene or oral cleaning. If this is the case, you may want to have a deeper consultation with your dentist. Who knows? You probably have performed the wrong kind of treatment and care, which can lead to the fissures formation.
  3. Hydration. Keeping yourself enough hydrated is good to keep away the fissures because the water will flush out the debris and any food remains. Debris can be stuck on teeth cracks or holes, attracting bacteria, fungi, and germs. Moreover, healthy and fine tongue should have moist and supple condition. Moreover, keeping yourself hydrated will make sure of such a condition.
  4. Herbal Medicine. Having the herbal medicine can help to alleviate the symptoms, especially if your condition is accompanied by pain and discomfort. There are several possible remedies that you can try to make the condition better. However, different remedies will deliver different results. They also have different process of administration. After all, herbal remedies have minimum side effects and they are less intrusive than other chemical substances.
  5. Garlic and Ginger. They are known for their natural antibiotic trait. Crush an onion and four cloves of garlic. Mix them with a glass of water and use the water to gargle. Gargle for two minutes and don’t swallow it. You can do it twice a day and your condition should improve. As the alternative for the garlic, you can use the ginger.
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Find out more for more herbal remedies and natural home treatment recipes that aren’t only effective but also safe. You can browse for more information. After all, knowing various ways can help. There is no harm of knowing how to get rid of fissured tongue with natural systems and solutions.

Image attribution: By Laila (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons