How to Get Rid of Flies on My Porch

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How to Get Rid of Flies on My Porch

When it comes for comfort aspects, some people are asking how to get rid of flies on my porch. If you are looking for the efficient ways of doing so, this article will provide you with the answer you need. Of course, you can purchase chemicals or other products to prevent flies infestation. Some products might be able to kill them as well. However, those products might bring harm to your environment. Instead of using those chemicals, we are going to use natural methods instead. The following is natural ways that you can do to prevent flies disturbing your peaceful afternoon on your porch.

How to Get Rid of Flies on My Porch with Natural Method

  1. Incense sticks. If you like pleasant aromatherapy, this natural method will solve the problems of how to get rid of flies on my porch. As you probably know, incense sticks releases pleasant scent. Once you burn them, it produces smokes with distinctive smell. Generally, people lit incense sticks inside their room. Indoor application of incense sticks prevents the scent from getting out of the room. You can also do it on outdoor application as well. If you lit the incense sticks on your porch, you will be able to prevent flies to fly around the porch. You can enjoy your evening without any flies. In addition to that, you can also enjoy the pleasant scent of the incense sticks. If you do not like the smoke of incense sticks, you can always light aromatherapy candle instead. As long as it is able to produce the aromatic smell, it works just fine.
  2. Molasses tricks. The next method that you can do will not produce any scent at all. Therefore, if you do not like the smoke of incense stick, you can do this trick. It involves molasses and black pepper. All you need to do is combine both of them in disposable container. Place the disposable container on specific place far from your porch. The scent produced by this mixture is strong enough to attract flies. You might be slightly able to sense it. However, since it is placed far from your porch, you should not be bothered by it. As you might already know, molasses is famous for its distinct taste and stickiness. Once the flies land on the molasses, they will be trapped in it.
  3. Cloves. For the last method, you will need cloves. Cloves can be found easily in the market. You may already have it in your kitchen. Place handful of cloves on your porch. As it goes with incense sticks, cloves release unique scent. It can be used as natural flies repellent. The best part about it is the cloves last for long time. It will take a while before you need to replace it with new cloves.
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In order to prevent flies from coming on your porch, you need to understand the characteristics of flies. Flies are depending on their sense of smell to navigate. They are attracted to certain places that produce preferable scent. You can take advantage of their sensing to prevent them from coming to your place.

From the tips above, you can easily see that the powerful weapon to get comfortable afternoon without flies is using things that are producing scents. You can use those useful methods to solve your problem on how to get rid of flies on my porch naturally. Natural way of preventing bugs is highly recommended than using chemicals. The best part about using the natural methods above is you do not have to spend too much money as do when purchasing products with chemical substances.