How to Get Rid of Freeloaders in My House

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How to Get Rid of Freeloaders in My House

You probably have never dealt with a freeloader before but it doesn’t hurt to know the effective ways on how to get rid of freeloaders in my house. There is a significant difference between a freeloader with a friend staying for a night or two. A freeloader only thinks about THEIR advantage and how they can benefit from the situation. They are shameless. They don’t care about your situation; let alone your feeling. They only care about their own feeling.

How to Get Rid of Freeloaders in My House, How to Draw the Line

The best thing to deal with the freeloaders is to be strict about it. It may seem harsh – especially for them – but then again, you don’t want them to step on your toes and be disrespectful to you. After all, freeloaders will take advantage of you so why shouldn’t you defend yourself? You should know how to draw the line gracefully and elegantly so they will respect you and yet you don’t have to deal with the negative label – which they may give to you.

  • Know the Rep
    The reputation of a freeloader usually precedes the person. When someone contacts you after quite a long period of not seeing each other, your guards should be up. Find information around; a freeloader is usually quite notorious among his/her social circle. It is up to you whether you want to take the freeloader into your house or not but if you do, don’t forget to draw the line. It would be a good idea to say your terms from the very beginning – freeloaders don’t really like rules, so when you set up your rules in the strictest way but friendly manner, they would think rethink their decision to use you. Who knows? Maybe they will cancel their plan afterwards.
  • Set up the Deadline
    Let’s say that a freeloader contacts you and ask to stay with you for a while. Don’t say, “Oh, you’re free to come. Feel at home.” It is definitely the wrong welcoming words. A freeloader will definitely take your words and have an enjoyable life. You need to set a boundary through the deadline. Say such thing as, “Oh okay, but only for a week, okay? My mom is going to visit next week and if you are still around, it will be a crowd. You get my point, right?” Once you do this, you have the right to send them out if they don’t follow your deadline. By setting up the deadline and stating your point, you make the freeloaders think twice about taking the advantage from you.
  • Cut off the Supplies
    In the event that the freeloader has stayed at your house and she doesn’t seem to leave, make sure that you cut off the supplies. Freeloaders enjoy your facilities and amenities. They take advantage of your supplies and condition. Create an unpleasant situation and they will be on their way leaving your house. If they enjoy your meals and snacks, you can cut it off. Take all of your food and beverage supplies to your room and lock it. Leave the refrigerator empty. Lock your phone. In short, shut off all the access to your facilities around the house. You will soon find out that this is one of the most effective ways in how to get rid of freeloaders in my house as they won’t have any interest in staying longer.
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Being nice and humane doesn’t mean that you should be stupid about it. Helping a friend in need is one thing but being the subject of someone who likes to take advantage of the others is another. Know the elegant and (seemingly) nice way of how to get rid of freeloaders in my house so you can prevent yourself being a victim as well as making them go.