How to Get Rid of Flies outside on Patio

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How to Get Rid of Flies outside on Patio

Patio connects your interior and outdoor. Even though the beauty of it plays important role, you might not be able to enjoy it fully due to the flies in your patio. If you have problems on how to get rid of flies outside on patio, you can rely on this article to get all you need. The best way to have patio free of flies is by understanding what attracts them and what repels them. By understanding how they life, you will be able to redirect them away from your patio. The following methods will provide you with some information that you can use without spending too much of your money.

Cheap Methods of How to Get Rid of Flies outside on Patio

  1. Keep your patio clean. The first method of how to get rid of flies outside on patio is to keep your patio clean. As you probably already know, flies tend to fly around dirty places. Try your best to clean up your patio so that it does not attract flies. The first thing you need to find is the unpleasant smell from your patio. Removing anything with unpleasant smell is the best thing to keep your patio free from flies. Some of the smell sources might not be visible in your eyes. Foods dropping to your patio floor are good example of it. In this case, it is advisable to sweep your patio floor regularly.
  2. Repel the flies. Aside from keeping flies away, you can make sure that they do not come in the first place. In this case, you can do several methods to repel flies. Flies and many other insects are relying on their smelling sense. Placing things with strong scent is one of the best methods that you can do. If something has strong smell for flies, the chance is that it is also strong enough to be detected by your smelling sense. It is advisable to use less strong scent that you barely sense but flies do not like. The best example is cloves. You can barely sense the scent of cloves but flies can. Place some cloves in your patio and see how it works.
  3. Additional methods. If the previous method does not do well for you, you can do the additional method instead. This method is about trapping the flies. One of the easiest methods is using flies trap. You can purchase it on nearby store. It usually in forms of a piece of paper with glued side. Alternatively, you can make it on your own by using mixture of molasses and black pepper. The scent of those ingredients will lure flies to come. Meanwhile, the stickiness of molasses makes sure that flies do not leave it. Fly light trap is also a good alternative as well. Instead of using scent, flies are lured in it by using light. In addition to it, it also serves as good lighting fixture for your patio.
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There are several reasons why people do not want flies around their patio. Patio is good place to relax and enjoying your afternoon. With flies flying around it, it will make you feel uncomfortable. Keeping the patio clean makes sure that you will not be disturbed by this annoying bug.

Preventing flies from coming to your patio also has something to do with health concern. Flies bring pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Both of them are not good for your health. Places with plenty flies are often associated with unhealthy places. By using the methods on how to get rid of flies outside on patio above, you can enjoy your patio without being annoyed by flies.