How to Get Rid of Small Mosquitoes Inside

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How to Get Rid of Small Mosquitoes Inside?

When it comes for how to get rid of small mosquitoes inside, most people are using insect repellent or other eradicating aerosol. In general, insecticide is able to kill mosquitoes along with other insects effectively. Unfortunately, the aerosol is made out of chemical compound. This compound is engineered to eradicate insects in your house. Other than being harmful for mosquito, it might potentially bring your health in danger as well. The chemical compound keeps floating in the air even though the mosquitoes are completely gone. When you inhale this compound, the chemical ingredients for the aerosol will end up in your system. Some people even have allergic reaction to it. In order to eliminate mosquitoes in your home, you can use natural ways instead. Other than being safe for your health, it is also able to make your home free of mosquitoes effectively.

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Natural Methods of How to Get Rid of Small Mosquitoes Inside

  1. Garlic. As you probably already know, garlic is well known for its strong smell. If you include it in your recipe, you will end up having distinct flavor. Some people like the smell of garlic in their food while the others do not. Small mosquitoes do not like it either. Garlic is available in the market in cheap price. Therefore, it will not cost you more than purchasing, eradicating aerosol to kill the mosquitoes. In order to take advantage of the distinct smell that mosquitoes do not like, you need to boil few cloves of garlic in water. Spray it around inside your home. The mosquitoes will not come close to your house. The only down side about this method is your home may smell of garlic for a while.
  2. Coffee Grounds. If you do not like the previous method on how to get rid of small mosquitoes inside, you might like this one. This method involves coffee grounds. The best part about it is it does not produce any smell at all. All you need to do is sprinkle few pinches of coffee grounds in the still water near your house. Still water is the place for mosquito eggs to grow. The coffee grounds will suffocate and kill those eggs instantly. Therefore, you do not have to be worried over the small mosquitoes flying inside your house anymore.
  3. Dry Ice. The next method that you can use to make sure you are not disturbed by mosquito is using dry ice. As you probably know, dry ice produces carbon dioxide. Small mosquitoes like to live in the place where they can find carbon dioxide (see Wikipedia: carbon dioxide). Therefore, you need to place dry ice in container. Place the container outside your home. The mosquitoes will be attracted to go away from your home. It means that you will not have mosquitoes flying inside your home to disturb your comfort.
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As you can see from the methods of how to get rid of small mosquitoes inside above, they do not involve any harmful chemical compounds. Therefore, you can make sure that they are safe for your health and your environment.