How to Get Rid of Hot Tub Rash

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How to Get Rid of Hot Tub Rash?

The hot tub rash, also known as the folliculitis, is the issues where your hair follicles are infected and inflamed. When this happens to you, you may want to know how to cure it properly and correctly, right? Well, aside from the proper treatment to care for the issue, it is also important to understand the core cause and how to prevent it from happening. Once you understand the cause, preventive measures on how to get rid of hot tub rash can be taken and you don’t need to overly be worried about your condition.

Understanding the Case of Hot Tub Rash

Our body is covered with skin which has pores and also hair. Each hair on the body has its own follicle, which is basically a tiny pouch. When there is bacterial or fungus infection, the follicle can be inflamed, resulting in itchy and reddish bump on the skin – which may develop into a pus-filled bump. In most cases, the follicles are somewhat injured, leading to infection and inflammation. The folliculitis is mostly happening on the stomach but it can also happen on the legs, arms, buttocks, and even beard and hair.

1.     Warm Compress

The hot tub rash usually happens after you are in the spa, hot tubs, or whirlpool in between 8 hours and 5 days after the usage. In most cases, the rash will be gone but applying a warm compress can really help soothing the itch. Simply soak a soft cloth on the warm water and remove the excess water. Apply the compress on the affected area until you are quite comfy. If the rash happens on the hair and beard, you may as well use a mild shampoo, along with the compress.

2.     Medication

In some cases, applying a certain lotion can also help soothing the itch. There are some over the counter drugs in the form of ointment or cream that can be applied on the skin to soothe the inflammation. Mind you, though, that it is imperative that you should always follow the directions. If you want to know how to get rid of hot tub rash effectively without causing further issue, always read the instructions and make sure that your skin isn’t sensitive. If you do have sensitive skin, it is advisable that you see a doctor to get a prescribed drug. The prescribed drug can also be a good alternative because it is more direct and it is made based on your condition.

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3.     Preventive Measurement

Preventive actions are more important than the treatment because it will avoid the issue from the start. Use mild soap to bathe and mind the usage of chemicals. Have a regular check, especially if you notice itchy bumps. Never ever shave or scratch the bumps or you will have bigger issue. Avoid using any oils because they will ‘trap’ the bacteria within your pores.

It is important to pay attention to proper hygiene and good sanitation. If you have to use a public or share spa or hot tubs, take a shower immediately with the mild soap. If you own a tub, know the proper way to clean it. These are parts of effective ways on how to get rid of hot tub rash and prevent it from happening.