How to Get Rid of Lice in One Night

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How to Get Rid of Lice in One Night

You definitely want to know how to get rid of lice in one night effectively and for good. The head lice aren’t dangerous or life threatening but it is definitely annoying and embarrassing. Often related to poor hygiene and self-cleanliness, lice issue can be a problem because it will definitely cause you to scratch your head nonstop. Not to mention that people may steer out of your way because they don’t want to be contaminated by the insect – as direct contact is needed to contaminate others. So, what can you do to make the problem go away?

How to Get Rid of Lice in One Night, Some of the Possible Solutions

The head lice themselves are pretty tough, relentless, and hardy. For instance, they can survive under the water even if they have been submerged for six hours. Even the chlorine can’t really kill the lice. The symptoms are pretty obvious. Your head will be itchy and you can’t seem to stop stretching. You will start seeing brown small bugs on the hair and between the strands. If you feel the back of your head, you can feel the swollen lymph nodes there. But don’t you worry as there are some possible home remedies that work for your condition.

  • Vinegar
    It has natural content of acetic acid which is dangerous and even toxic for the lice. The acid can help getting rid of the eggs too. Once they are dead, you can use a special nit comb for those eggs and expect your hair to be free from both the lice and the eggs. Mix water and vinegar with ratio 1:1. Shampoo your hair first and then apply the vinegar mixture. Leave it for about 10 minutes before cleaning it off with fresh water. You can apply the vinegar treatment three times a week and see the result for yourself. However, some people say that such a treatment can be done several times a day. Well, it depends on your preference, really, but you need to remember that vinegar is acidic and not everyone has strong hair strand that can take that much acid. You may be able to deal with the head lice issue faster but it may damage your hair as well. So, be cautious about it and don’t rush things.
  • Hot Oil Treatment
    You can use neem oil or coconut oil for this. Coconut oil is good because it has natural lauric acid which can protect the affected area from infection. Not to mention that it has antimicrobial trait. It also contains saturated fatty acid that can suffocate the lice and kill them. Coconut oil is sticky, perfect for lubricating the hair so the eggs can easily fall and stuck to the comb. The neem oil also contains triterpenoids (a topical antiseptic) and azadiractin (a substance that can kill and destroy the eggs). Whether you use the coconut or neem oil, you can expect a satisfying result. So, how to get rid of lice in one night? You only need to have a warm mix of the oil, massage your scalp with it, let it soak for half an hour, and then comb it.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
    The application and method of usage are similar to the vinegar. The basic difference is the content of antimicrobial which is stronger and more potent in apple cider vinegar. And how should you test yourself? Apply a drop of it on your skin. It stings, alright, but it should subside within seconds. However, if the sting remains and you start having this uncomfortable burning sensation, you are allergic to it. It is best to use the organic type.
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There are more home remedies that you can try for yourself. Be sure that these methods are quite safe with minimal side effects. But be sure that you really know for sure about the proper way of how to get rid of lice in one night so you can enjoy the final outcome.