How to Get Rid of Meth Mouth Sores

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How to Get Rid of Meth Mouth Sores

If you have problems with meth mouth or meth sores, you should know the proper solution on how to get rid of meth mouth sores – for good, if possible. Meth mouth generally happens to those consuming meth on a regular basis. If you are a meth user, don’t be too surprised if you find such an issue – it is inevitable, basically.

How to Get Rid of Meth Mouth Sores, Understanding the Issues

Methamphetamine, or simply called as meth, is a popular drug made from a synthetic amphetamine. This is an inexpensive drug but it has a great and direct effect on your nervous system. When compared to other drugs, meth can produce high effect for longer times, up to 12 hours. Often times, chronic abuse leads to anxiety, insomnia, paranoia, delusions and aggressiveness because the users spend most of their times being high without sleep.  Meth mouth or meth sores are one of the most common side effects with visible symptoms of skin scarring and sores. It is resulted from the body’s chemical imbalance as well as severe dehydration. The meth will somewhat stop the saliva production, leading to extreme dry mouth condition. When your mouth is dry, bacterial infestation and activities will increase. The condition will get worse as users tend to suffer from teeth grinding problem. So, how to deal with the meth sores, anyway?

  • Stop
    There’s no other way but to stop using the drugs. As long as you are still using the drugs, you will still be dealing with the meth mouth sores. Some people may say, “But I only use the meth casually, only once a week, top.” Well, whether you use it on a daily use or you use it only once a week, the drug will enter your system fast and it gives a direct effect. If you still use the drug, you need to stop. Seriously, there are no other methods on how to get rid of meth mouth sores.
  • Get Professional Dental Treatment
    Once you have stopped, you can contact the professional dentist and ask for help. Keep in mind that it is super important that you seek for medical help and assistance right away after you quit. In most cases, constant meth users have experienced quite an advanced level of tooth decay and damage. If you want to recover your condition, you need to start early. The longer you seek for help, the longer it takes you to completely recover. Your dentist can determine whether your gingivitis is moderate, mild, or severe. If there are cases of teeth grinding, it is also possible to have cavities filling or treatment. It is possible that your dentist requires you to have a full and complete dental care, which means that you may have to undergo root canal treatment, cavities filling, plaque removal, and gingivitis cure. They should be able to prescribe the right antibiotics that will effectively kill the bacteria. In severe and serious cases, they may have to perform an operation to restore your condition.
  • Further Treatment
    In the event that your tooth damage is too severe, it is possible that your dentist will have to remove all your teeth and then replace them with dental implanted prosthetic. If you have been using the drug for quite a long time, teeth extraction is often required. But then again, it depends on your case and how severe the condition is.
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Get professional help. Sometimes, quitting meth isn’t as easy as you want so seek out professional assistance. See a professional dentist so you know your condition and how to treat your condition. By knowing the right steps of how to get rid of meth mouth sores, you should be able to return to your healthy and well condition.