How to Get Rid of Pigeons Rice

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How to Get Rid of Pigeons Rice

This article will give some tips on how to get rid of pigeons rice quickly. Pigeons rice are quite annoying since they are dirty. The droppings and the leftover rice spread diseases to people and animals around.  Even though pigeons are funny and entertaining to watch, you can’t let them damaging your house. You might see an iconic image of plenty of pigeons at the park that are being fed by some people. Now, imagine that the mess of the rice left around your dweller. It’s really disgusting, isn’t it?

Smart Tricks on How to Get Rid of Pigeons Rice

The pigeons rice you are going to diminish are actually their food leftover that are mixed with other droppings and possibly their feces. Imagine if these disgusting things disturb your home. In addition to threaten your roof, porch and even car with the droppings, including leftover rice, the heavy pigeon nests are obviously known to clog the gutter. Therefore, follow these tricks about how to get rid of pigeons rice below.

  • Make Uncomfortable Roosting Spaces
    Attach the anti-roosting spike strips to some spots that the pigeons might like to perch for instance, a roof of your house. Attach these devices by the instructions.  Otherwise, you may apply the easier and smoother alternative such as using a slinky toy. Spread it out along the balcony handrail. Make sure that the coils will not reach the length of up to 1,5 inches apart. Tie it with wire in each 1,7 cm. Thus, the surface of the space will be uncomfortable for them to perch.
  • String Some Tools and Fasten to The Railing
    Another trick you can follow to eliminate pigeons is by using sound effect. Fasten a wind-chime with some tools such as aluminum foil pan, balloon, and some in the area where the pigeons love to land on. Chain those tools with string and fasten to your balcony, patio, or deck.
  • Make Them Unable to Roost
    This simple way is also easy and smart. You only need to install strings (it would be better weatherproof strings) in the spots where the pigeons like to roost. Tie the string from end to end of the area. Place it above the roosting spot to prevent the pigeons being able to balance everywhere. Therefore, they cannot perch.
  • Spray The Pigeons
    You can repel the pigeons as well as prevent their droppings and leftover rice also feces damaging your house by spraying them with water. Spray them once they arrive, don’t wait until they build their nests. Pigeons will not withstand a strong water spray.
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Those tricks above can be followed, especially if you live in a large urban area, where the threat of pigeons is constant. Actually, before you do those tricks, you can avoid the pigeons by doing some basic things such as to avoid feeding pigeons and eliminate the food sources. If your dwelling is not “inviting” for pigeons, you don’t need to do such those tricks that absolutely take your time though easy to follow. Furthermore, if those tricks about how to get rid of pigeons rice above don’t work effectively for repelling the tyrant pigeons, don’t hesitate to hire professionals.