How to Get Rid Of Petechiae on Face and Legs

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How to Get Rid Of Petechiae on Face and Legs

Petechiae are the skin disease that looks like reddening spots, caused by bleeding. The spots can be like red-colored, or purple, or sometimes brown—but they are all actually the blood that got dried. They actually resemble rash because of their tendency to appear massively. Petechiae usually appear on eyelids or the inside of the mouth, but the most frequent appearance of petechiae is around face and legs. This article will cover how to get rid of petechiae that will be safe for the skin.

How to Get Rid Of Petechiae Just At Home

First, we need to know why petechiae happened in the first place. Petechiae are actually the burst of blood in small scale in your skin. The little blood vessels also known as capillaries are the bridge from your arteries or your main veins to the smaller ones. When petechiae happen, the capillaries leaked until the blood gets into the skin. There are a lot of reasons on why this happens, but some of them are actually because of crying, vomiting, coughing, giving birth to your child, or even weightlifting and other exercise stuffs. You can also get petechiae when you have certain medications, injuries, sunburn, medical conditions, and also stretched straining. When you already understand all of this, let’s continue to the part of how to get rid of petechiae in safe ways.

  • Using vitamins
    To begin the treatment, you can start with the light ones if your injuries are also mild. First, you can always eat foods that are rich in nutrients, vitamin C and B are your buddies that you cannot missed so try to eat more vegetables and fruits for your own skin’s health. If you see your doctor, they will usually prescribe your supplements of vitamin C, which is the same, you only have to consume it daily. To avoid bleeding again, you can stay away from consuming vitamin E and herbs such as ginger, garlic, or Japan’s ginko. This is because they can make you easily bleed, and such thing is not needed in petechiae case anywhere. So, steer clear of those foods (or the ones that contain them).
  • Onion
    Next, onion can be your buddy as opposed to garlic. You will no longer wonder the ways to get rid of petechiae since this is so easy. You will only need to slice onions, the raw ones to keep the freshness. You will only then need to put the sliced onion all over your face and your affected legs, with the caution of leaving the ones with open wound. Still about kitchen ingredients, you can also use macerated cabbage because it possesses cooling effects, the one that is anti-inflammatory.
  • Dandelion
    There are also the pretty treatments here. You can utilize the dandelion in your backyard to help you cure yourself. Dandelion has so much benefit to heal a human; it can repair the liver and make blood flow again instead of getting clogged in the vein, making it most effective treatment. But then you can also use chlorella and spirulina because they detoxify the consumers automatically. You will see the difference later after using it for some time. As alternative, you can also rub avocado oil on your face, because avocado helps making your skin more elastic and healthy, and this approach can actually help you to get rid of petechiae.
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See, by reading this article you just knew about how to get rid of petechiae in very simple ways. All you have to do just try three the ingredients mentioned above if you happen to face this problem.

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