How to Get Rid of Roaches Forever

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Get Rid Of Cockroaches Forever With This Trick.

If you find many roaches stay in your house, apartment or even in your car, they are difficult to get rid of. For your information, the roaches can consume your food, break your wall layers, books and your electronic devices.

They also spread bacteria that are dangerous for your family health. You have to do the effort to get rid of the roaches even though it is not simple. You do not have to confuse because this article will give you five tips about how to get rid of roaches forever.

  1. Keep your house dry and cover your food. You have to know that the roaches always need water. The roaches can survive one month without food, it depends on the temperature and the size of their bodies, but they can survive only a week without water. You should find leak point at your house. You should fix it soon. If there is no leak point, the roaches will eat the jell bait you have prepared to trap them. You also have to clean your whole house. The clean house is the key to get rid of the roaches. Wash the plates, spoons and clean up the food after eating. Clean crumbs and spilled food because they will invite the roaches. Pay the attention to your stoves because the roaches also like oil. You should close your food tight and do not let your food outside or on your dining table for long time. You also should not put off to wash the dirty plates all night long and do not put the fruits on the table. It is better for you to mop the floor every day to remove the crumbs of food and the sticky stains. You have to be careful in moping. Do not let the water stick the wall because you have to remember that the roaches really like water. Talking about throwing the garbage, provide the specific trash can just for leftovers in your house and do not let it open for long time. You are better to choose trash can which has cover to close it tight. In throwing the garbage bags, you should throw it far from your house.
  2. Use the roaches bait to get rid of them. To get rid of the roaches, you can buy and make the roaches bait. Roaches bait is usually packed in can or plastic that is safe from the children. It also can be the form of gel that can be lubricated. The roaches bait is made of poison which work slowly. It can be mix with the food that roaches like. A roach will eat the bait and bring it to the nest and it can also kill other roaches.  You can put the bait in places where they usually appear such as wood trim on your wall, under your sink and the corners of your house or your apartment. If you know their nest, you can directly put the bait near theirs so that the roaches can take and eat it faster. The roaches bait contains the powerful ingredient of fipronil and dehydroretinol. The roaches will eat and put out the poison before they die so other roaches will touch it and die too. Getting rid of the roaches with this method needs weeks. It is because, when the first generation of roaches in your house dies, their eggs will hatch and you should do the same thing as their first generation before they breed so that there are no roaches in your house anymore. Instead of buying the roaches bait at store, you can make the bait by yourself. You can create a mixture of boric acid powder with wheat flour and fine granulated sugar. Boric acid is usually sold as the insecticide of the roaches. You also can find it in drugstore. The sugar and the flour will lure the roaches and the boric acid will kill them. Spread the mix behind the cupboard and drawer. Do this method every day, you will feel that the numbers of roaches are reduced. You need at least 2 week doing this. Your children and pets will eat this bait so you have to be careful. You can put the bait near the roaches’ nest rather that places that are easy to be found by your children or your pets. You can put the mix of boric acid powder, wheat flour and fine granulated sugar with using paper based or aluminum to protect your furniture and floor.
  3. Preventing the roaches to come back to your house. After you do things to get rid of the roaches, you have to do other things to prevent the roaches to come back to your house. You have to throw your garbage far from your house. The roaches really like pile of wood and other hidden places. When the temperature is cooler, they will move to the warmer place such as house and apartment. So you have to make sure that there is not pile of wood or garbage near your house. You also should close the slits in your house so the roaches can’t enter your house. It will need time but the result will satisfy you. Close the cracks of your cab board in your kitchen, floor and the sides of your doors and windows. You can also give the cover to your pipe in your bathroom. You can also apply the trap to antidote the roaches. Even though you feel satisfy in getting rid of the roaches, prevent the roaches to come back by applying the trap before they enter your house. You can put the trap in potential places such as drainage and ventilation. you can spray the insecticide on the ventilations. You also have to spray the pesticide on your cracks or slits on your wall. the additional tip is, if you kill or step on roaches, make sure that you clean it as clean as you can, including the equipment to kill the roaches. If the mother of American roaches died, the eggs still can hatch.