How To Get Rid Of German Roaches Fast Naturally and Permanently

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How To Get Rid Of German Roaches Fast Naturally and Permanently.

German cockroach is the most jerky cockroach kinds that you might meet at your home or office. This is common to see at restaurant, home and office. The infestation from german cockroach can last between a month.  The adult German cockroach can reach length about 0,5 inch or about 10-15 mm. The German cockroach such as other cockroach types, they love to hide and live at dark and moist environment. If you find any German cockroach at your home, then it is crucial for you to get rid of them as fast as possible as this can spread germs and can causes any allergic reactions.

Identify German cockroach

The size from German cockroach is smaller from American cockroach.  The German cockroach color is light into medium brown. There are two dark distinctive stripes that located in behind the head.  The female german cockroach produce one egg capsule in every 3-4 weeks, The capsule is contain with 25-45 eggs. The female of German cockroach also has shortest live period from hatching to sexual maturity. The German cockroaches’ population is build up faster rather than other species of cockroach. The adult German cockroach is able to live up to 1 year.  This type of cockroach often found at kitchen and bathroom area where there is water supply and food scraps are available at any time. These cockroaches are type of scavengers that eat on food garbage waste, starchy sweets foods, grease, and the products from meat. For preventing your kitchen taken over by German cockroach, you need to keep your kitchen and bathroom always clean. Always disinfected and repair any leaking pipe and any small holes that they might hide.  The German cockroach active at night and they spend their 75% time to hide in harborage areas. The German cockroaches are available to move well within the building. They also can travel through neighbor apartment and pass from small opening such as switch plates. Have routine inspection will help you to detect earlier for the present from Germany cockroach as they also able to carry out from grocery, cartons, luggage, and the grocery bags.

German cockroach’s danger

Why you need to get rid of the German cockroaches? Here are the reasons for your health. Besides of they can make your area look disgusting, they also can causes health annoyance. The research from Michigan State University find that cockroach can spread any viruses, bacteria and germs into area they present such as in dishes, food preparation surfaces, and the kitchen and eating utensils. When it got not rid of then it can causes health problem such as diarrhea, poisoning from food, and gastroenteritis. The feces from German cockroach also become causes from asthma and any allergic reactions from people with sensitive skin. If you wake up in morning and get red swollen of bite mark, then it might because cockroaches bite not from bedbug

Get Rid of German cockroach fast, Natural and permanently

There are several ways that you can choose for beat this German cockroach. It is natural and safe for your environment, especially if you have priority for free pesticides and safe for your kids. You can choose natural roaches pesticides that safer to use for residential and it is mostly non-toxic contain when use in properly. When you buy a product, then you need to read the label before you buy. Ensure that the ingredient of composition contain with substances such as borax, diatomaceous earth, or if you want, you can use soapy water for exterminate the colony of Germany cockroach. If you want, you even are available to make natural home remedies cockroach repellent with essentials for preventing cockroach attack you’re residential.

  1. Soapy water. This is the easiest method for rid of cockroach. The soapy water that sprayed into crevices and any holes or crack where the cockroach live can killing cockroach. The dishwashing liquid is the most effective liquid that you can use as it has 3% effective result to kill adult cockroach in next 72 hours after the sprays. To make this mix, you need to mix liquid dish soap and water into spray bottle. Shake well until it gets mixed well and then spray into any cracks and crevices. You can add the liquid become more effectively by adding peppermint essential oil.
  2. Catnip repellent. Catnip is source for natural bug repellent and has insecticides properties that effectively use for eliminate cockroach. The Journal of Economic Entomology even report that catnip has powerful effect for cockroach’s repellent agent. To make German cockroach repellent from catnip, you will need to mix 1 teaspoon catnip with 8 oz boil water. Wait it for steep in 15 minutes. Put the mixed liquid into spray bottle and then spray into location where you know that it has present with German cockroach such as under appliances, baseboard, and others. You also can use this mix for mosquito.
  3. Next is uses coffee ground. Although this method has no scientific research, but there are some people that say that coffee ground can against German cockroach well. The smell from coffee ground mask the stinky pipe where the cockroach behind. This method is non-toxic way for prevent and against German cockroach enter your areas.
  4. If you need to have natural insecticides for your Germany cockroach, then you can choose Boric acid. There are two method of using boric acid for good Germany cockroach combat. The first mixing, mix boric acid, sugar and flour with comparison 1:1:2. Sprinkle the fine layer into crevices closer where you expect the cockroach inhabitant or feeding. Replace the mixed powder 4-5 until the cockroach died. You also can use this mix for against ants. Just remember that the mix of boric acid is toxic, so you need to store it far away from children reach.
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Where do you can check for any cracks and crevice? These places can be your reference to start with.

  1. Kitchen cabinet and counter tops
  2. Back of anything that hang on wall  such as painting or pictures
  3. At behind, next and under of stove
  4. In the corner of sink and other kitchen cabinet
  5. Behind the medicine cabinet
  6. In crack or crevices from wood trim or shelves.