How to Get Rid Of Second Page in Word

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How to Get Rid Of Second Page in Word

Word is top application to do typing since long time ago. However, you may find unwanted blank page or second page that cannot be deleted with backspace or delete button. This is a little bit trouble because your document looks less appealing and need to take care immediately. How to get rid of second page in word? Some answers are ready to overcome this situation.

 Tips On How to Get Rid Of Second Page in Word

  1. Check paragraph, spacing, and margin. When using word for first time, you will get default setting for whole page. Sometime, people forget to check margin and paper size because document looks different when open in another computer. Firstly, check paragraph and line spacing. You get from paragraph section above ruler. Select document or character then right click and choose paragraph. Another way is to click page layout on top then choose margin, indent, and pacing directly. Choose paper size such as legal, A4, or letter. Those three sizes are commonly used for official document and you just pick based on preference.
  2. Type character and delete. Actually, you do not have to bother for check anything because simple delete and backspace are enough. Second page appears because one reason, which page has hidden paragraph at the last page. If this thing happens, you need to go to second page then type anything. After that, select these texts alongside one paragraph on previous page. Press backspace or delete immediately. Normally, page will disappear automatically because you just delete next paragraph
  3. Tables. After checking paragraph section, you do not see any problem at all. However, blank or second page is still available without any alteration. You just type on top of this page and nothing happens. Check previous paragraph whether table is on this area or not. Table will provide paragraph automatically at below area, except you insert table inside table. When table is on you page, change margin a little big wider at bottom to give more space. You can change paragraph properties such as font, font size, and line spacing. Type text on this part and change the font to small size such as nine or ten. Choose spacing to single and not space between before and after paragraph. This method will automatically integrate paragraph into previous page.
  4. Use page break. How to get rid of second page in word? The section will discuss about page break. Using manual page break is another issue that make unintended page appears at last page. Remove your page break in previous page and check paragraph section. Blank page might appear in the middle of text which very annoying. After remove page break, the next page will replace it immediately. This thing happens because two pages have close text, but writer wants to split into two.
  5. Print preview and word edition. You may see second page after configure printer. If this happens, you do not any choice to change everything to suit printer. Another reason is word edition. As you know, there are several editions from old to new one. If you use new edition, it might be different when open in old one. Such differences need to handle immediately such as paragraph and margin issues. This issue does not change whole document and you do not have to worry about. Start from checking again spacing, margin, and paragraph at end of page.
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Those tips are right answer to overcome blank page issue while typing in word. If you use old version, it will be better to upgrade into new one. How to get rid of second page in word effectively? The answers are already explained in above section.