How to Get Rid Of Sibo without Antibiotics

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How to Get Rid Of Sibo without Antibiotics

SIBO or Small intestine Bacterial Overgrowth is condition where small intestine has extremely much bacterial. Normally, this part is only less than 100,000 and overgrowth bacterial creates troublesome. How to get rid of sibo without antibiotics? For your information, antibiotic is the most effective way to destroy bacterial inside body, including sibo. However, this treatment is not suitable for long period due to resistant effect and no longer effective to reduce bacterial level.

How to Get Rid Of Sibo without Antibiotics and With Home Remedies

  1. Drink water. Symptoms of this condition are nausea, malnutrition, and vomiting. People feel uncomfortable on stomach when bacteria start to disturb intestine work. The simplest way to handle this condition is water. Normally, water will make digestion easy due to natural water capability. Drink water in temperature between 20 and 24 Celsius. Avoid hot and cold water due to sensitive intestine condition. As preliminary treatment, sibo may be in control when you take immediate action.
  2. Coconut oil. Drink coconut oil is quick way to ease bowel. Research showed that this method is very effective to control bacteria level. Human body uses bacterial to develop enzyme in intestine. Unfortunately, certain condition disturbs bacterial level and adds huge numbers. When this happen, you feel uneasiness and coconut oil is first thing that come in mind. There are two ways to use this oil. Firstly, drink immediately in the morning and at night to control bacteria growth. Secondly, you use coconut oil as cooking in order to ease condition. Therefore, coconut oil is right option to try.
  3. Garlic. Garlic is the most popular plant for medicine. It has many functions to handle any health issue. For digestive problem, you just eat raw garlic to take quick result. Garlic has strong scent which uncomfortable for several people. Another way is juice from garlic and adds a little drop of honey. Why is garlic effective to overcome sibo? Garlic has compounds that effective to kill bacteria and control pH level. You may drink lemon juice to increase acid level and kill bacteria. Garlic is the last resort to overcome such situation.
  4. Oregano oil. How to get rid of sibo without antibiotics? Answering this question is relatively easy. Antibiotic is developed to kill bacteria and you just replace antibiotic from artificial to more nature product. Oregano is one of good choice to handle problem in digestive system, including sibo. This oil comes from herb with many properties such as antioxidant, antibiotic, and antibacterial. Sibo is adverse effect due to low immune system or any other disease such as diabetes. Bacterial infects body from three major ways. Firstly, they try to penetrate via skin and second way is respiratory system, which go alongside air to reach nasal and lungs. The last one is digestive system, which come from food and drink. Oregano oil is like antiseptic for skin to isolate bacteria from spreading.
  5. Diet low carbohydrate. After applying home remedy, one thing should be done to support treatment. Try to reduce carbohydrate intake and sugar. Both of compounds have capability to increase bacteria and disturb metabolism. As you know, sibo may come due to imbalance condition as adverse effect of certain illness. Eat more fruits and vegetables, but not with high acid such as lemon. Try banana, apple, grape, and mango. Some tropical fruits have more nutrients to keep digestive system in check.
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Early detection is important when try to find right solution for how to get rid of sibo without antibiotics. When stomach feels vomiting, it is better to drink much water then coconut oil. After that, you just follow next treatment.