How to Mix Essential Oils with Coconut Oil

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How to Mix Essential Oils with Coconut Oil

Applying pure essential oil directly on to the skin will only create problem as it can cause allergic or negative reactions. Therefore, the use of carrier oil is required. Before being applied, pure essential oil should be mixed with carrier oil. This time, we will learn on how to mix essential oils with coconut oil. Yes, coconut oil is one of the most popular carrier oils. The term of carrier oil may not be familiar in your ear. Well, it is basically a particular oil to dilute the pure essential oils.

Step by Step Guide

You may be still a bit curious why carrier oil is needed before learning on how to mix essential oils with coconut oil. Well, there are several reasons why carrier oil is needed. The first reason is safety precaution because the essential oil alone is too powerful to be directly applied or used. Carrier oil is used to make sure the essential oil is safe to use. Furthermore, it is also used so the mixed essential oils can be used to cover larger part of the body. The last reason is to make the skin easily absorbs the oils.

  1. Calculate how much carrier oil you need. You have to know the amount of carrier oil to use on how to mix essential oils with coconut oil. The average ratio is one tablespoon of carrier oil for one drop of pure essential oil. This amount is enough to dilute the essential oils. Shortly said, the amount of carrier oil has to be more than the essential oil. You cannot do otherwise because of safety reason. Most of pure essential oils cause reactions when applied directly. So, you have to avoid it in the first place. Anyway, why coconut oil is chosen instead of other carrier oils? Well, it is known for being very light. Some of its fatty acids have also been removed as well. And, it always stays liquid in any situations.
  2. Blending. Once you have prepared both the pure essential oils and carrier oils, continue by blending both oils. If it is the first time for you to blend the oils, start with only a limited amount of mixture. The blending simply refers to mixing both oils until they are mixed well. Usually, it only takes a few seconds.
  3. Resting the blend. The next step is to rest the blend. It is the easiest part. Once you have done with the blending, rest it for 24 to 48 hours straight. Put in a jar with secured lid. The resting is necessary to let the constituents and chemicals of different oils to mix together. As a result, it allows the oils to blend better.
  4. Testing the blend. Suppose you have done with the blending and resting, it is time to test the blend. At this point, you can start by smelling it and applying it on your skin a bit.
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The overall process on how to mix essential oils with coconut oil is really simple and takes a few efforts. Even if it is your first time, the risk of failure is very low.