Some Symptoms That Show You Are Not Healthy

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Some Signs That You Are Not Healthy

There are some small signs that would like to inform you that in fact you are not healthy. What are the signs of it?

doctorEasily tired
A sense of tired often appears for no reason could be an early symptom of the anemia even cancer.

Bad breath
Bad breath could be a sign that you do not keep your mouth and teeth hygiene as well. As a consequence, it will arise from bacterial leftovers that cannot be cleaned perfectly. Bad breath can also be a sign of sinusitis.

Bloating that appears constantly occur not only because of the presence of gas in the stomach. But, it has also become a harbinger of serious diseases such as intestinal infections, food allergies, or even colon cancer.

Frequent headache
Do not think lightly of headaches that often come up, because, headaches could be indication of digestive disorders to brain tumors.

Rise or decline in body weight significantly
Don’t just be happy yet with the rise and fall of body weight significantly

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Muscle cramps
Often muscle cramping could be a sign of a nutritional deficiency and osteoporosis, because, it also could be a sign of worsening of your welfare, due to a number of diseases.

Fart smells
When you reasonable in frequency consumption of spicy food, any fart smell and may indicate the occurrence of a number of gastrointestinal disorders.