Wanna Be Slim Without Diet & Exercise? Consume These Secret Foods Routinely

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Wanna Be Slim Without Diet & Exercise? Consume These Secret Foods Routinely!

If you are a kind of a person that is lazy to exercise and diet, consume these secret foods below regularly to make your stomach slim vertically.


Warm water

The first thing in the morning that you can do to burn abdominal fat is by drinking warm water.


Drink tomato juice is the secret natural food to eliminate fat in the abdomen. Diligently drink the juice as much as 1-2 glasses per day, then you could lose 50% fat in the abdomen.

Warm water and lemon

Drinking a mixture of warm water with lemon has become old fashioned recipe to burn belly fat. Give it a try!

Raw garlic

Chew garlic in the morning will help control weight by supporting the burning of fat in the abdomen.


Replace sugar with honey in all the sweet drinks will speed up the process of burning belly fat.

Cumin water

Soak 2 tablespoons cumin during the night away. And then boil in the morning. Strain and seeded. Then drink water boiled with the juice of the lemon to make a faster fat burning.


Cardamom is also spices that become effective to burn belly fat. Because of the natural food ingredients in it will activate the metabolism of fat.

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Mint leaves

Belly fat due to fat can be overcome by adding mint leaves into the daily juice you drink.


Ginger is a spice that is effective to burn fat, especially belly fat.