How to Get Rid of Roaches in an Apartment Permanently

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How to Get Rid of Roaches in an Apartment Building Permanently for Good.

Roaches are the most annoying things that you can find in your home or apartment. This is why a question just like how to get rid of roaches in an apartment naturally and fast becomes usual. You must be finding any solutions to get rid the disgusting roaches from your home. It’s really annoying and disgusting when you see just a roaches run in your doorway, especially if you live in apartment. You think of harmful chemical to make them run away, but sometimes it’s risky if you have kids or pets. So, if you look for solutions to get them rid of your apartment naturally, we will surely help you.

Keep It Clean

Roaches absolutely hate the clean room. They always look for food residues. You have to make sure that you clean every inch and every corner of your apartment. Do not leave the dirt on the sink, always clean the stovetop after you use it, and sweep the floors before you sleep to make sure that there’s no food residue. You have to do this every day even though you may not like it.

Fix Every Water Leaks

Roaches love the moisture and water from the water leaks. Most roaches are able to survive without food for months, but they will die instead without water in days. Repair every water leaks in your apartment immediately. Do not let the roaches get the water source by fixing even the tiniest leaks. If you have the indoor plants, make sure you don’t water it too much.

Cover Holes and Cracks

The roaches can enter the apartment even though the smallest holes of your door. You better seal the holes and cracks of every wall and entries.

Keep the Room Temperature Cool

Most of male roaches will spread up their wings and fly when the temperature heats up during the summer. The heat actives up their muscle that makes them ‘more active’ when summer strikes. It is impossible to control the weather outside, and what you can do is control the temperature of your room. Keep your apartment cool, so that the roaches will not crawl up to your apartment.

Use the Baking Soda Paste

By mixing equal parts of baking soda and sugar, it will effectively make the roaches run away. Put this mixture in a small container, and put this container close to the holes or cracks where the roaches possibly live or come out. The sugar will attract the roaches but the baking soda will burn the roaches’ internal organs since they ingest the baking soda.

The Coffee Trap

Coffee will so much attracts the roaches to come. You can put the coffee in the jar and pour some water over it. As soon as the roaches attract to the coffee, make sure that the water you fill is enough to get them drown.

DIY Natural Roaches Bait

You can use the mixture of boric acid and powdered sugar as the roaches bait. The roaches are attracted with sugar meanwhile the boric acid will effectively kill them. Spread this mixture under the sink, under and behind the fridge, dishwasher, and stove. Don’t forget to spread it into the holes that possibly being the entries of roaches. This mixture is fairly safe for you who have kids and pets, but it’s better to put this mixture away since it’s quite annoying.

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Use Diatomaceous Earth Powder

This is another solution to get rid the roaches and other pests. This powder can be applied easily by sprinkling the powder in thin layer near the spot that the roaches usually come. Do this for few days until you see any roaches no more. This powder works by making the roaches’ body sticks on it when they walk over. This powder is also poisonous to roaches that will effectively kill the roaches that trapped.

Kill Them Instantly

When you caught a roaches runs in front of you, just kill them instantly. Hit it with anything hard if you don’t want to touch it directly. To make it died as soon as possible, drop some soap and water solutions over it. After it died sooner, hit it again and put it in the trash.

Prevent Roaches from Entering Your Apartment

The roaches will always look for food, water, and shelter. Anything that you set up to trap the roaches will not bring work well if you still keep the things that attract them to come over. Before you apply any bait and traps for the roaches, make sure that your apartment is clean from the food residues in every spot.

You have to clean up your apartment regularly at least once every two days, or it is better to clean the apartment everyday by just sweeping the dirt or removing food leftovers. But, you still need to do big cleaning to your apartment.

Keep your entire rooms in fragrance and don’t let the rooms being too warm. You can put some campers in every spot that is moisture to avoid the coming of roaches. Re-arrange your stuffs that possibly attract the roaches to lay their eggs and live. They usually hide in damp and dark areas, so you have to put more attention to this area when cleaning the apartment.

Make sure you dry well the stuff that you just washed. The wet spot in the cup or any small space that filled with water may attract the roaches to come and even lay their eggs. So, clean up your dishwasher every time you have done washing the dishes.

These are the simple things that will effectively help you to get rid of roaches in your apartment. These methods are even effective to kill them instead. These suggestions and methods will work rightly when you start from yourself. If you still have the annoying problem with roaches in your apartment, don’t be hesitated to ask your friends or pests expert for the solutions of how to get rid of roaches in an apartment naturally.