What Cold Medicine Can I Take with High Blood Pressure

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What Cold Medicine Can I Take with High Blood Pressure

What cold medicine can I take with high blood pressure? That is the frequently asked question by most people. The people wondering about that question are commonly those who are suffering from hypertension. Some over the counter medicine for cold have strong ability. They work by slightly increasing the pressure on blood vessel. Of course, this is not something good for people who already have high blood pressure. If high level of blood pressure is increased, it might lead to other harmful disease, such as cardiovascular disease. Here are some over the counter medicine that are often consumed by people who are suffering from cold.

Common Medicine Used for Cold

  • Antihistamines. Two of the most common cold symptoms are runny nose and sneezing. In general, it has something to do with the nose cavity. During this period, the nose is filled with mucus. The mucus filling nasal cavity triggers the sensitive nose hair. This activity leads to sneezing. In order to heal those symptoms, doctors often prescribe antihistamines. This over the counter medicine can also be found easily in drug store.
  • Expectorant. When it comes to what cold medicine can I take with high blood pressure, you need to know what the symptoms of common cold are. Considering this situation, common cold is often followed by cough. This symptom is often associated with your throat condition. The throat is producing mucus excessively. The system releases this mucus by coughing. Doctors recommend expectorant for this case. This over the counter medicine is often combined with cough suppressant. Both of them work by reducing the excessive production of mucus in your throat.
  • Decongestant. The next over the counter medicine is decongestant. Decongestant is often combined with antihistamines. As mentioned before, antihistamines are intended for runny nose among other things. People who are suffering from runny nose often have stuffy nose as well. It is where the decongestant comes to play. However, it is important to get doctor prescription in order to use decongestant.
  • Nasal congestion relief. The list of what cold medicine can I take with high blood pressure continues with nasal congestion relief. As the name of this over the counter medicine, it is intended to relief the pain caused by nasal congestion. It ease the pain by removing virus causing cold resides in nasal cavity. It can be purchased easily in form of tablets or capsules from any drug stores.
  • Supplements. In order to speed up the healing process of common cold, most people consume supplements. Supplements recommended for common cold are including Echinacea, Vitamin C, and zinc lozenges. It is highly advisable to consult it with your doctor before taking any of those supplements.
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Those are only few of over the counter medicines that you can take while having cold. However, what cold medicine can I take with high blood pressure? Among those medicines, you need to pay attention to decongestant. It relieves stuffy nose by making your blood vessel narrower. Narrow blood vessel will increase your blood pressure slightly. Therefore, you need to contact your doctor before consuming decongestant.