What’s a Normal Blood Pressure Reading?

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What’s a Normal Blood Pressure Reading?

A blood pressure is bad news. Yes, this condition is related to various serious illnesses like kidney disease, strokes and heart attacks. Therefore, it is important to know about what’s a normal blood pressure reading? Knowing exactly the range of a normal blood pressure can definitely stay you out from any life threatening illnesses. This is basically the reason why you should check your blood pressure in regular basis. Here is the fact you should learn. You may have elevated blood pressure while still feeling fine like you are completely healthy. However, after a few years of suffering from blood pressure, the impacts start kicking in and it’s too late for you to return to normal state.

Normal Blood Pressure Reading

Learn this basic of what’s a normal blood pressure reading. The result of your blood pressure always consists of two numbers like 140/80. Systolic pressure is the top number which refers to amount of blood pressure inside your arteries during the heart contraction. The diastolic number is the bottom number that refers to the arterial pressure when your heart relaxes between the beats. According to the textbook, the normal blood pressure reading is 120/80 mmHg although the “normal” definition has changed. IN 2003 for instance, the normal reading is 140/90. Meanwhile, the reading above that number is considered high blood pressure and the person having the number should get a medication.

How do you know that you don’t have what’s a normal blood pressure reading? Well, to recognize a high blood pressure, the blood pressure reading is usually above 120/80. Usually, there is an early level of hypertension which is known as prehypertension. On this stage, the blood pressure reading is around 120-140/80-90 mm Hg. It is more likely to develop into hypertension if no steps or prevention are taken.

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On the first stage of hypertension, the blood pressure ranges from 140-150/80-90 mm Hg. Usually, doctors urge change of lifestyle and high blood pressure medication to be taken during this stage. It is very important to manage this condition before it gets worse to another level. On the second stage, the blood pressure reading is getting higher and higher more than 160/100 mm Hg. The prescribed medicines from the doctors are usually higher in dose. And, lifestyle change has gotten more and more important.

The last stage of hypertension which is known as hypertensive crisis is a condition where the blood pressure gets so high that it requires emergency medical attention. Usually, it is above 180/110 mm Hg. At this stage, there are common symptoms that a person may experience such as chest pain, weakness or numbness, back pain, shortness of breath, difficulty speaking and also change in vision. This is the stage where the person has to be brought to the hospital to receive immediate medical attention.

With the possibility of having high blood pressure reading, it gets more important to maintain a normal blood pressure. By knowing the exact number of what’s a normal blood pressure reading, you can control your blood pressure so it stays under the normal range.