Children’s Blood Pressure Range

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Children’s Blood Pressure Range

Ensuring and learning children’s blood pressure range is a very important matter. Your doctor may recommend getting annual check-up for your children to know the normal range of blood pressure. Blood pressures are measure of blood force which is pushed against arteries in the body while it moves along. There are two numbers to read blood pressure. For example, the child’s reading is 115/62. This means that first number or 115 is systolic pressure. It will indicate how hard the bloods move around when heart is pumping. Second number or 62 is called as diastolic pressure that indicates the level of blood movements between heartbeats.

How to Know Children’s Blood Pressure Range

  • Measure the blood pressure. In order to know children’s blood pressure range, it can be measured using sphygmomanometer and stethoscope. Sphygmomanometer itself has small pump and it will inflate with air. It has rubber cuff to be secured on upper arm. The pressure given by this equipment when it is inflated will stop the flow of blood for a while. Blood will resume its flow after the air is release from rubber cuff. Your doctor will use a stethoscope as well to find out diastolic and systolic pressure of your children.
  • Know some factors that affect their blood pressure.Children’s blood pressure range depends on some factors to be considered as normal. They include children’s age, gender, and height. Height is the most important factor that affects blood pressure. Taller kids tend to have normal range of blood pressure higher than shorter children. As your children get older, it is also normal if their range is changed.
  • Make sure they have normal range of blood pressure. Parents have to regularly start checking children’s blood pressure since they are three years old. For systolic pressure, the upper limit which is categorized as average in children is ranging from 104-116. As for diastolic pressure, the upper limit is ranging from 63-74 to be considered as average. Of course, the detailed range will be slightly different between girls and boys.
  • High blood pressure and the solution. It is hard to detect hypertension in children. Generally, children with blood pressure that is higher than ninety five percent of children with same age, gender, and height could be diagnosed to have higher range. If there is set range to detect hypertension in adults, it is not that way in children. Besides, children’s blood pressure range is going to be various greatly according to those three factors as they grow. Moreover, high range in children has no glaring symptom until it is late. When this problem happens, you have to help them changing their lifestyle. Make sure that your children are not obese. You can also maintain their healthy diet.
  • Low blood pressure and the solution. Lower range of blood pressure occurred in children can make them face serious danger. This hypotension problem can happen due to many reasons. They are including dehydration that can be cured easily, the use of some medication, as well as other causes like shock, adrenal insufficiency, and anemia. If they experience dehydration, give them enough amount of water to drink. That is why checking children’s blood pressure range is important to be conducted. Consult with doctor to make sure that your children is in normal range.