How Does Gargling With Salt Water Help A Sore Throat?

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How Does Gargling With Salt Water Help a Sore Throat?

Sore throat is health issue, which turns into severe condition without immediate treatment. Instead of visiting doctor, some home remedies are available with excellent result. One of them is salt water. How does gargling with salt water help a sore throat? Answering this question takes time to understand osmosis process that involves liquid absorption. In this article, you will find reasoning behind gargling salt water and how to implement it in proper way. Be careful, wrong method is able to make throat more severe.

How does gargling with salt water help a sore throat without side effect?

Causes of sore throat

Normally, high liquid compound will dissolve into less concentration. It is called diffusion. On contrary osmosis is different due to sending liquid from less to high compound. Salt water will absorb excess liquid then dissolve quickly to keep balance. This is why you need salt water to treat sore throat.

Sore throat has many predisposition factors such as bacteria, unbalance liquid, and tissue instability. If problem is liquid status, gargling salt water is the best solution. Unfortunately, you need to visit doctor when sore throat is result of bacterial infection. Is salt water ineffective to treat this infection? How does gargling with salt water help a sore throat that comes from bacteria? Salt water is still able to ease sore throat, but not cure completely. Infection will take excess liquid then salt water makes it balance.

Salt treatment and process

For your information, salt is able to keep ph. until neutral. Sore throat happens because high acid condition. As you know, drinking sour beverage might affect throat significantly. Besides that, having high sweet foods or beverages is also effect throat. Preliminary treatment before gargling salt water is to stop consume any high sweet foods.

How does gargling with salt water help a sore throat properly? After salt water is ready, it is time to gargle. Take small sip of salt water and gargle for up to two minutes. Get rid immediately then gargle again at similar period. You gargle until three or five times. When gargling, there is chance to swallow salt water. You need to be more careful to keep salt water in throat.

Creating salt water

How does gargling with salt water help a sore throat effectively? Now, it is time to prepare salt water and gargling water. Be careful when mix salt and water. High salt compound in water is not comfortable for tongue due to very salty. Actually, there is no definite number for proportion between salt and water. However, you can mix until salt is in twenty percent of liquid. This means salt and water has proportion one over five. This measurement is very high and you will feel uncomfortable when salt has more than twenty percent.

Besides creating your own salt water, you may consider to buy at store. Check capacity and liquid level before buying this kind of product. When creating personal slat water, you might wonder about source of salt. Use common salt which usually available on kitchen. How does gargling with salt water help a sore throat? You know reason and how to apply it.